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BREAKING: Spyder Cannabis Enters into MOU with HighBreed Growth Corp. for a Proposed Reverse Takeover Transaction

  • Through its Israeli subsidiary HighBreed Growth Ltd., is building a cannabis cultivation greenhouses facilities in Israel with a total planned size of 500,000 square feet.
  • HBGC has signed domestic sale contract with an entity to purchase its production capacity
  • Israeli government announced that it would approve cannabis for export in 2019, and regulations are expected to be enacted in the 2nd quarter of 2020 to authorize export

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Message: Q&A - First Batch Of Responses
Dear shareholders,
Please find enclosed the first batch of answers to questions posted for the Company's most recent Q&A.  We apologize for the delay but I assure you the team was in some intensive meetings this week that had to take priority.  For example, you all saw the photo we posted on Tuesday night with regards to a live demonstration that included 12 people from multiple organizations.  Though I can't speak to specific speed results, the reactions from the specialists in the room clearly indicated a test that surpassed expectations.
You can expect the second batch of answers to be released this weekend.




1.       So the financing gets done, what will the companies first order of business be?  

Frank: In regard to ZeU, We are planning to staff an R&D center in Canada and install a second SandBox in Canada also.  We will also need to staff the internal sale department to handle the flow of business that is getting ready to be deployed.  Fortunately we are already in contact with a few experienced manager with experience in enterprise software solutions and we expect to build a team around them.

2.       What would our funding model to monetize our Blockchain  look like and what kind of dollar value could we expect with respect to revenue? 

Frank: We cannot make projections in term of revenues. In terms of business model there are multiple source of  potential income, from the services fee generated by the Internet of Blockchain to the royalties and licensing stream of income coming from the permission based blockchain being deployed.  Customization and support could also be a significant source of income.  I assume that the question was directed at ZeU only but I think it is important to mention that St-Georges is also looking at deploying blockchain solutions in relation to commodities and it would be foolish to assume that there is not a good potential for revenue as the industry is adopting these new technologies.

3. Will SX continue to bring on board  highly distinguished and reputable industry leaders and people of influence to their board as directors or advisors to leverage their skillset and can provide valuable contacts?  Similar to the team Ripple has put together which is executing tremendously? 

Frank: Yes.


1) what are the next steps for ZeU  

Frank: Essentially to close the transaction with Tiande, integrate the clients and work at moving NDAs and MOUs to the level of commercial relations.  ZeU will also make its development plan public in the weeks following the closing of the transaction with Tiande.

2) will we see a listing for ZeU this year  Frank: It is a scenario being investigated.

3) why is it so difficult to close the deal ( first tranche)

Due to the complex nature of this transaction and governing regulations that apply to it, we had to announce the concurrent raise at the same time that we announced the proposed transaction. In a perfect world, we would have announced the raise only in early March.

We knew we wouldn’t be able to close the financing before getting the Definitive Agreement signed off by all the parties and not before getting the green light to move forward by third party entities in certain jurisdictions.   We did get the DA signed around February 18. (This was announce quickly after).  Reviews came back positive in the days that followed.

We then went back to the people who had shown interest in the financing to found out that the market was now softer and although many clearly stated to us that they were still interested in the company, most of them were experiencing significant liquidity issues as either their technology stock portfolio or their cryptocurrencies holding had largely dropped.  The initial interest had come from accredited individuals, small funds and trust and family offices.  From the initial show of interest we had to replace more than 75% of them with institutional investors.   Each of these institutional investors require a detail and lengthy due diligence. They needed to find independent resources and specialists who can understand the technology we have and test it sufficiently to get the level of comfort that institutions require.  Most of these investors, not being able to get these resources, made it clear that for them to invest we would have to bring a brokerage firm on board that would be able to take on the due diligence process and then provide that level of comfort to the institutions and other brokerage firms.  Hence, why we brought in Gravitas Securities. Their due diligence is well underway and we have made significant progress so far.



Agreement with ICM


Same question as in January Agreement with Iconic Minerals ?

where is the announced news?

Frank said in February there is an update!

who's to blame? ICM or SX 


Frank: SX is waiting on Iconic to deliver a significant amount of material for testing.  In order to optimise their resources, the Iconic team has decided to provide SX metallurgists with the material from the drill core.  So we are waiting on ICM to complete their drilling campaign to be able to move forward.  In the meantime, we are in discussion with other lithium companies that have shown interest to provide similar material to us so that we can test it with our process.  We hope to be able to provide some updates on this as soon as it is available




1.       Will IDK participate in the success of Zeu in the future?

Frank: YES, the collaboration that we have with ThreeD Capital has already yielded some fruit. ZeU will be in a position to disclose some of the results of that collaboration shortly after the closing of the transaction with Tiande.

2. When we can expect a news release? (IDK) Frank: We probably answer this question about 30 times a day, by email, phone, text etc.  The answer will always be the same: We rarely know in advance when we will have something material to announce and We CANNOT disclose that information before a press release is actually dissiminated.

Best regards




When can we expect the debenture financing to close? Are you having difficulties finding money? In the last Q&A Frank mentioned he had $20 million accounted for but we have yet to see anything from the company on financing, WHY? SEE ANSWER ABOVE

Is there anything happening with the lithium tech? Has this part of the company been put on the back burner until the ZeU deal is completed?   Frank: the lithium tech is moving in parallel with different people, Enrico is leading that initiative with limited interference from our part.

Can we expect to hear any news on Iceland in the coming months? If so, what has been going on over there which you can share?   Frank: Yes. We are planning to file, with the Icelandic Government in the next few hours, our proposal for the different work program this year.  Permitting is being done at the same time.  We would like to be able to work on Thor and Reykjanes later this spring if we are allowed to and also organise a few visits with potential JV partners who could help us develop some of the other areas making it easier to cover more of the land.

What about the Julie Nickle Discovery and KOTN?  Frank: We received proposals for the 2018 exploration campaigns for WinterHouse, Julie Nickel, LeRoyal Lithium and some thing is being worked for the Muscovite assets.  King of The North that has the WinterHouse project option should update the shareholders later in April on that topic.

St-Georges has a lot of things going on but shareholders are being left in the dark since the ZeU deal, do you feel you have given more energy to the ZeU deal vs all other projects? If not then what has been going on with these projects.  Frank: The large amount of information from third parties sources on the internet in regards to Tiande and ZeU might make it appear as such.  However, Kristin and her team in Iceland have been working full time to move the projects forward and allow us to execute a number of exploration campaigns later this year. We have hired geological consultant for SX and KOTN to do all the planning for the summer/fall 2018.  There is also a series of samples from WinterHouse that are at the labs and we hope to get analysis results back in April in order to help with the planning of the next exploration campaign.


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