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Message: ZeU Developments & Corporate Update

Montreal, March 29, 2019 / TheNewswire / St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (CSE: SX) (OTC: SXOOF) (FSE: 85G1) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, ZeU Crypto Networks Inc., has been retained to develop the global blockchain infrastructure and data mining components of the KinectHub initiative of Kinect Corporation.

KinectHub is a large multi-million-dollar infrastructure project using state-of-the-art technology such as blockchain, distributed storage, anonymity solution and privacy insurances to bring healthcare to third world countries.

The scope of work will be starting with a full use case analysis for 30 days. At the end of this period, a Statement Of Work (SOW) will be delivered and used as a development road-map. This will be followed by the implementation of modular components. The infrastructure will be composed of data layers, including EHR (Electronic Health Records), distributed storage, data privacy solutions. This will need to include solutions to respect legislation of concerned countries.

There will also be Distributed Ledger Technology component including permission based & public blockchain, tokenization and digital wallet solutions. It will also be composed of a data mining layer including, data mining algorithms, powerful search tools, analytics solution to ensure the qualification and structuring of high-quality actionable data. This will eventually be followed by an abstraction sandbox on which Machine Learning & Deep Learning can be ran by either internal or external parties. Finally, there will be a component of point-of-access layer from which end-users will be able to access their health records. As we go, we will use agile development methods to offer flexibility to the changing needs of the industry and/or clients.

This project development is expected to span over at least a year and will be followed by maintenance, Machine learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL) solutions to maximize the monetization of high-quality structured health data. KinectHub expects to be delivered in countries such as Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, DRC, Cameroon and India. This will cover more than half a billion human beings and will bring benefit of an unprecedented level to these countries. This multi-year multi-million-dollar mandate is expected to start production within 45 days.

Dr. Fenglian (Frances) Xu, a ZeU director and consultant to the company on matters of blockchain application to the health industry, stated "(...) Conquering disease with engagement and data is such a powerful framework for healthcare transformation and innovation. It allows patient engagement on demand to create trust between them and healthcare service providers thus improving the currently barely available healthcare. Patient Electronic Health Record (EHR) data can ensure a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. A collective of large amounts of EHR will allow the discovery of certain types of disease patterns for both treatment and prevention. It is the first time that I see a project that connects both engagement and data capture. I believe that KinectHub is definitely in the right direction and will bring a positive solution to third world countries (...)".

Jean-Philippe Beaudet, Director & CTO of ZeU commented: "(...) KinectHub is bringing an innovative solution to an endemic problem of healthcare access in third world countries. I believe that pairing data monetization with a humanitarian goal is not only a brilliant idea but a necessity for billions of people around the globe. The technological choices made will ensure that this can be done in an ethical and private way. It is rare that we can see a data driven project with a billion-dollar potential aimed at simply helping real people with something as crucial as health (...)".

Corporate Update

ZeU Management has been working with its auditors to answer the last list of requests and finalize the financial statements and review of intellectual property required to proceed with its proposed listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Management expects that all final documents and listing memorandum should be delivered to the CSE on or before April 15. Furthermore, the company confirms that it has retained the services of Computershare Canada as its Transfer Agent, McMillan LLP as its legal advisors and Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton LaBonte LLP as its auditors. The latter will be subject to confirmation at the first shareholders annual meeting (AGM) expected to be held in early June in Montreal following the listing of the corporation on the Exchange.


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