Focused on Exploration and Development of a large Portfolio of flake graphite properties in Canada

Standard Graphite Profile

Standard Graphite Corp. is rapidly positioning itself as North America's premier pure-play graphite exploration company. The company controls a 100% interest in 12 highly prospective graphite properties within known graphite districts in both Quebec and Ontario. An aggressive 2012 exploration strategy has commenced and will be implemented by a geologic team with the pedigree of a previous world-class graphite discovery.


Secured Significant Portfolio of Graphite Exploration Properties

  • Twelve projects within three highly prospective districts in Quebec & Ontario
  • All projects are in districts amenable to large flake, high purity graphite deposits
  • All projects have the geological characteristics amenable to a major graphite discovery

Aggressive Exploration Strategy for 2012

  • Airborne Electromagnetic - ~5,000 line km’s - Commenced
  • Ground EM Survey
  • First Phase drill program on a minimum 8-10 prioritized targets

Strong Fundamental Outlook for Graphite Prices

  • Global increased consumption of graphite from emerging economies & new technology applications
  • EU and USA have named graphite a supply critical mineral

Experienced Team

  • Extensive in all areas of; exploration, development, production, and resource finance.

Favorable Share Structure

  • Excellent leverage to exploration success with only 22.1m shares Issued & Outstanding

Graphite Highlights

Natural graphite is known for its conductivity, lubrication, heat resistance, and bonding properties. The combination of conductivity and high-thermal stability allows graphite to be used in many applications; in batteries, fuel cells, and refractories.

Graphite Pricing/Market

  • Prices negotiated directly between producers and end users
  • China supply concerns (73% of global production)
  • Tightening Supply, growing use in technological & green applications - Li ion Batteries, fuel cells, nuclear reactors
  • Lack of exploration and development of new projects

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