Real-Time Flight Tracking Technology And Ruggedized Flat Panel displays

Clients include: Commercial airlines and operators, Defense aerospace companies

Message: CLIENT FEATURE: Star Navigation (SNA:CSE) Real-Time Flight Tracking and Monitoring Technology


  • On-board real-time monitoring and data analysis system that provides a "virtual window into an aircraft"
  • As cost-effective air to ground communication system that automatically and securely transmits flight data and incident alerts.
  • Continuously monitors selected avionics systems on the aircraft from power-on to power-off, instantly analyzes the data, and transmits selected data and any incident alerts, via satellite to the operator.
  • Acts as an early warning system, detecting the earliest signs of potential problems
  • Performs these functions in "real-time" providing essential safety monitoring to the benefit of passengers, aircraft personnel, and ground crew
  • Applications include: Commercial Airlines, Helicopters, Business Aircraft, Assist Search and Rescue by providing last transmitted location
  • Recent applications: Emergency Medical Services (airborne and ground vehicles), Land vehicles
  • Concluded a series of presentations of its In-Flight System Aided Medical Monitoring System
  • Presentations were held in the Montreal area and were attended by representatives from the Canadian and US aerospace industries, Emergency Medical Service operators and the National Research Council of Canada.



FULL DISCLOSURE: Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. is an advertising client of AGORA Internet Relations Corp.

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