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Message: High # of Bids, Low on the Ask

There are allmost 1,000,000 shares Bid @ 4.5 cents and only 5,000 asked @ 5 cents! What's going on? Now that tax loss selling is over will we see a uptick in the share price?

We will be back in court on Jan 24 / 14 trying to force the PQ government to give us our permit, will we get a decision on that date, I don't think so as the courts move way too slow! Will we have to wait for a provincial election this spring and hope the Liberals win? If the PQ win then we will be suing them for 300 million dollars. Lots of question but only time will tell. There are 2 endings to this story; we get our permit of sue the lazy no good PQ government. For my part I would rather sue!


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