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Strike Diamond Corp. is focused on the Sask Craton property located at the core of the Pikoo diamond district.

Our Sask Craton project represents the largest mineral tenure position of any public company exploring in the Pikoo diamond camp and covers in excess of one million acres. Importantly, much of our work has focused up-ice of identified but unsourced kimberlite indicator trains.

In addition to its scale, the Sask Craton property is advantageously positioned up-ice from a number of un-sourced kimberlite indicator trains identified by our Pikoo exploration neighbors to the south, including North Arrow Minerals Inc. and Alto Ventures Ltd.

During the fall of 2014, Strike Diamond Corp. conducted an extensive till sampling program and favorable laboratory results from that sampling program were released in March 2015. A map of Strike Diamond Corp.'s regional till sampling locations may be accessed by clicking here. In addition to those till sample locations disclosed in the till sample map, Strike Diamond Corp. also conducted till sampling at certain regional targets the locations of which remain confidential.

The company has a published a detailed 43-101 report on the Sask Craton property, which may be accessed by clicking here.

Till sampling in the Pikoo diamond district has proven highly effective at identifying diamoniferous kimberlite bodies. For an demonstration of how a kimberlite forms and generates kimberlite indicator minerals, we recommend viewing the Stornoway Diamond Corp. Kimberlite Presentation which can be accessed by clicking here.

During 2015, Strike Diamond Corp. intends to conduct further exploration on the Sask Craton property, including a large regional magnetic survey. The purpose of this work will be to identify potential kimberlite targets for future drilling.

Strike Diamond Corp. holds an 80% working interest interest in the Sask Craton - one of the highest working interests of any public company having a Pikoo exploration project! The balance of the project is retained by the three original property vendors who collectively hold the remainder as a carried interest (not including mine construction or operating costs) alongside a three percent royalty.


Strike Diamond Corp. has acquired several 100% owned exploration projects in the emerging Garland exploration district, which is an area being explored for nickel-cobalt-PGM prospects.

These new projects are located in an established nickel-cobalt-PGM producing region and are less than 25-40km SE of the Voisey’s Bay mine depending on the project. The Voisey's Bay deposit was discovered by Diamond Fields Resources Corp., which had originally been exploring the area as prospective for diamondiferous kimberlites. Inco acquired Diamond Fields in a storied $4.3 billion takeover bid in 1996. Since that time, the area in and around the Voisey's Bay deposit has seen intermittent exploration.

In 2015, drill plans by Equitas Resources Corp (“Equitas”) ignited new market interest in the region. The Garland I and II projects are contiguous with the Garland project now being explored by Equitas and Strike Diamond's projects are less than 40km SE of the Voisey’s Bay mine.

In addition, Garland III covers a round-lake measuring approximately 250m by 250m, located roughly 2km SE of the Equitas project.

Combined, the Garland I, II and III projects, held respectively by License 023384M, License 023385M , and License 023386M, as granted by the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador, consists of 38 claim parcels, providing Strike Diamond with more than 2,300 acres of ground in the area.

Map of the Garland I, II, & III Projects

Garland Nickel Camp

The Garland I, II and III projects were acquired by Strike Diamond after successful staking applications and no cash or share payments are owed to any third-parties. All three projects are entirely royalty-free.

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