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Message: My thoughts after reading all the reports on the investigation into Agoracom

My thoughts after reading all the reports on the investigation into Agoracom

posted on Apr 18, 2010 09:13AM

When I first joined Agoracom back in 2008 I thought this was a good company to post with. Their moral structure was sound. I only had one problem at that time. Agoracom asked me to denounce Stock House on Stock House before I came to Agoracom. They almost threatened me in the words they used. In fact they joked about getting back at me if I didn't. Only then would they make me the President at that time, I think it was CE. I thought that this was wrong and I stopped posting. I received email after email from Agoracom promoting small cap stocks. They were always using Agoracom to promote the stocks that they wanted to. Now I read they are being investigated because their staff used aliases to promote those small cap stocks. What a total crunch on Agoracom's credibility. They demand posters to be straight forward yet they use their own forum for sneaky promotion. At least they are polite while they do it. Now Agoracom has stated they will show the IP addresses of their customers. All this because they were doing sneaky things. This looks like a smoke screen and their original mission statement has been tarnished. I had to get this off my chest because I thought something was sneaky from the start. now that you are in this position it will be hard to overcome you moral standards. Just an opinion. Buyb4its2l8

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