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Message: Fuel Tests

Fuel Tests

posted on Jul 09, 2008 08:38AM

Syntroleum has been testing and evaluating fuels and specialties products for more than six years in pilot plant and demonstration facilities. While these tests ranged in both scope and variety, one message is clear; Syntroleum fuels deliver superior performance with outstanding quality.

For example, in one particular program, performance and emissions tests were conducted in Chrysler and Toyota motor vehicles. In these tests, Syntroleum liquid diesel delivered 72 MPG, met advanced emissions standards and showed no perceptible reduction in power or performance.

Under an additional program - - - sponsored by the Department of Energy - - - Syntroleum produced up to 150,000 gallons of various grades of diesel fuel and 10,000 gallons of synthetic jet fuel. This fuel has been evaluated by several laboratories under DOE contracts. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted an extensive emissions program over three years looking at the inherent benefits of synthetic paraffin diesel fuels in modern emissions compliant engines. This work includes tuning the engine to perform optimally on synthetic diesel fuel. AVL Laboratories has conducted an extended duration durability test of Syntroleum using a DDC bus engine and Caterpillar 2004 compliant engine. Both engines completed a 1500 hour test cycle with no problems. These were the engines that were part of the field demonstrations program where Syntroleum was tested in transit bus service in Washington DC and in National Park Service use in Denali NP. No fuel related problems were observed.

In test after test, Syntroleum liquid diesel continues to deliver superior results, remarkable quality and outstanding performance.

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