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TEAM Nation Holdings is specializing in title insurance and escrow services through our affiliate title agency(ies), andthe provision of management, production services, HR administration, IT support, and accounting administration for title insurance companies and related real estate ventures.


Management and Production Services: Team currently holds contracts to provide services and management to two emerging title companies operating in Southern California. Team provides management, title plant and production services, customer service, sales and marketing support, HR administration, IT administration and accounting services to both companies in exchange for fees and a percentage of net profits of the operations. Under the management of Team both companies have grown significantly, increasing their gross revenue tenfold and collapsing expenses through shared resources to significantly impact the bottom line.

Team currently manages and provides vendor services to First Southwestern Title Company of California (“FSWT”), an underwritten title agent licensed by the Department of Insurance of California and doing business in 11 California counties.First Southwestern produces title evidence and issues policies of Transunion Title Insurance Company through is underwriting agreement, arrange for FSWT by Team.In 2008 and into 2009, Team has strategically reduced the expenses of FSWT’s operations and streamlined its marketing efforts to keep the financially troubled company out of bankruptcy.FSWT is now poised for alliance with an operating partner to grow the brand and increase revenues significantly in 2009.Team currently has the right to acquire FSWT and is actively seeking operating partners to complete the acquisition.

Team also currently provides vendors services to CalCounties Title Nation Company (“CCTN”).During 2008, Team actively managed the entire operations ofCCTN, growing its revenues from $3,266,878 in 2007 to $6,478874 in 2008, a growth of 98%.Relinquishing it role as manager in January of 2009, Team secured a five year vendor services agreement to continue providing core services including production, IT, HR, Accounting and consulting for CCTN, which is on track to exceed $14,000,000 in gross revenue for 2009.In June of 2009 TEAM and CCTN entered into an Agreement and Plan of Reorganization which, upon approval of the Department of Insurance, would result in TEAM owning all of the shares of CCTN and operating it as a direct operation.

Escrow Operations: Team wholly owns Escrow Nation, a California corporation licensed to transact escrow business by the California Department of Corporations. Escrow Nation is currently inactive, but available as a tool as the market presents revenue opportunities. Escrow Nation can add value to the overall performance of Team by capturing escrow revenue for services to its affiliate entities and to its investors. As the family of companies owned and managed by Team grows, Escrow Nation will grow in concert and will allow Team to capture additional revenue from its core operations.

Mortgage Operations: Mortgage Nation, Inc. is wholly owned by Team and is licensed to provide mortgage broker services to its affiliates, employees and investors. Mortgage Nation is currently inactive, but available as a tool as the mortgage industry recovers and presents revenue opportunities.

Acquisition strategy: Team is committed to finding, analyzing and acquiring failing real estate companies, particularly title agencies, title insurance companies licensed both in California and throughout the United States, escrow, and mortgage companies to acquire their revenue streams and inventories and to adjust their infrastructure to mitigate expenses. Already poised to support growing operations, we can pick up the business at hand without needing to increase staff or duplicate costly services. Team has identified several such opportunities and currently has exclusive rights to purchase an agency in Southern California.Team is also in negotiations to acquire a title insurance underwriter and is contemplating joint venture arrangement with two similarly situated companies located outside of California.


The real estate sector has been in turmoil since the sub-prime debacle pushed the economy into decline creating chaos for some, and opportunity for others.TEAM is poised to take full advantage of the present market conditions to grow its direct operations, management contracts, vendor contracts, and to execute its acquisition strategy.While each of the large competitors, First American, Fidelity National Financial, Chicago Title, Stewart Title and Old Republic Title are striving to cut back their overhead and minimize their losses, TEAM is at hand to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the retracting market.In fact, TEAM managed CalCounties to growth in 2008, one of only two companies in Orange County to grow in all of 2008.The time is now to lay the foundation upon which revenue will compound as the global and US economy rebounds.

In the present market, the brightest opportunity lies in the acquisition of a title insurance underwriter.As the competition retracts from agency agreements to focus on direct operation, the industry is left with thousands of agents who need a strong underwriting alliance with an emerging underwriter.Regulators encourage competition and the 15 billion dollar title insurance industry is carved up almost entirely among 5 companies.The emergence and growth of a regional underwriter to a national platform is a formula for success, even if only 1% on the overall market is captured.


TEAM’s strategy is to leverage its business relationships, experience, reputation and past successes to create new opportunity for growth.Several key elements are involved:

Strategic Acquisitions: Team has analyzed and targeted 3 companies for immediate acquisition.Among those targeted is a regional title insurance underwriter, which Team’s management believes provides the best vehicle for exponential growth nationally. The target company is a regional underwriter licensed in the most important national markets and is a turn-key opportunity to fill the gap left by retracting underwriters.The conservative goal of vetting and adding agents into the underwriter at a pace of 6 to 8 per quarter will grow the company to over 50 million in gross revenue within 3 years.That opportunity, coupled with the acquisition of direct operations, managed companies, technology enterprises and expanded licenses is the recipe for success in 2009 and beyond.

Management and Production Services:TEAM intends to maximize its return on managed companies and production services by continuing to improve operational efficiency through the use of technology and staff advancements.We intend to aggressively market our services to companies seeking shared expenses and will employ many structures, include joint ventures, vendor services agreements and direct management contracts to increase our revenue into the services module.

Escrow and Mortgage Operations:Escrow Nation and Mortgage Nation will enjoy increased revenues from captured business resulting from TEAM’s core operations.Both companies will, however, set sales and revenue expectations from retail growth that will be accounted for by their respective management teams.We will also develop programs to joint venture with asset managers, distressed homebuilders and real estate companies to maximize our business returns.All employees, investors and affiliates of TEAM will be given inducements to use our services for their escrow and mortgage needs.

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