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TGS ESports Inc. Management

Spiro Khouri


Mr. Khouri was appointed CEO of TGS on September 11, 2019. Prior to becoming CEO he served in the role of VP, Sales & Marketing. Mr. Khouri is one of the founders of TGS and has been part of the leadership team since its inception. Prior to joining TGS, Mr. Khouri drove the opening of the Elements Esports
Lounge, the first esports facility in a casino in Canada.


Spencer Smyl


Mr. Smyl has over eight years of capital markets and entrepreneurship experience and currently works at Asia Asset Management Inc. as an investment manager. He focuses on building and financing start-ups in the technology, cannabis, video game, esports, entertainment, heath care, and health & wellness industries, of which he has helped raise over $30 million.


Carolina Li


Ms. Li is the corporate secretary of Lipont Investments Ltd., a private company that has invested in many venture businesses in industries including craft beer, esports, and medical technology. Ms. Li manages the finance and compliance matters of all Lipont’s private investments. TGS is one of Lipont’s private investments and Ms.Li was appointed as Lipont's representative on the board of directors.


Ravinder Mlait


Mr. Mlait has served as CEO, CFO, Secretary and director of Brockton since January 26, 2018, and an audit committee member of Brockton since February 22, 2018. Mr. Mlait has served as a director and CEO of Torino Power Solutions Inc., an industrial company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, since February 2015. From April 2011 to present, Mr. Mlait has served as CEO of Cannabix Technologies Inc., an early stage technology company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange.


Bryan Loree

Chief Financial Officer

Presently, Bryan E. Loree is Chief Financial Officer, Secretary & Director at TGS Esports, Inc. and Chief Financial Officer, Secretary & Director at Cannabix Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Loree previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer & Director at Isodiol International, Inc., Chief Financial Officer of KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp. and Chief Financial Officer of Torino Power Solutions, Inc. (a subsidiary of KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp.), Accountant at Nechako Minerals Corp., Head-Business Development of Syntaris Power Corp., Chief Financial Officer at Canadian Mining Corp. and Head-Investor Relations at Neo Alliance Minerals, Inc.


Guy Halford- Thompson


Since 2016 Guy has had five successful exits, three via acquisition (QuickBitcoin, Bitcoiniacs, and Xapcash) and two via public listings (TSXV:BTI, TSXV:DASH). Guy is also a founder and board member of Eli Technologies and Minehub, both of which are due to list in late 2020. Over the last 4 years, Guy and his teams have raised over S35m in funding and delivered S500m in investor returns. Guy has a strong track record of delivering investor value and believes this team has discovered a truly unique and rare opportunity with Pepper. It is their goal to turn Pepper into the multi-billion dollar opportunity that it represents, using the success and learnings of the five previous exits to drive investor value.


Ben Hoffman

Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO of TGS Esports, Ben brings a decade of experience working on software projects ranging from loT health and safety platforms to blockchain research and development. He is responsible for ensuring the technology powering TGS's digital strategy is capable of providing a feature rich, robust and community-driven experience to every user, whether they are players looking for tournaments, organizations hoping to run them or media teams seeking to show them off. He has been an avid gamer for his whole life and feels passionately that the sports and gaming industries are ready for a technological leap forward into a more universally engaging and inclusive future. When he's not in front of his computer, you can (hopefully) find him lost on a mountain somewhere.

Matt low

Matt Low

VP, Operations

As the VP of Operations at TGS Fsports, Matt oversees the planning and execution for TGS day- to-day activities. He ensures that the necessary infrastructure and resources are in place for strategic initiatives to succeed. Prior to TGS Esports, he started out in the esports industry as a World of Warcraft blogger with contributions to publications like Joystiq and the World of Warcraft magazine before working in IT operations and support for the provincial government. His foray into event management started with the release of Hearthstone by hosting tournaments and organizing community events for local players to help grow the local grassroots scene. His proudest gaming accomplishments include reaching top ranks in both Hearthstone and MTG Arena. Outside of work, Matt continues to play World of Warcraft at a high level while participating in a local community orchestra as a violinist.

Gopal res

Gopal Patel

VP, Business Development & Strategy

Gopal will take TGS Esports to profitability by leveraging the power of our network to help brands build meaningful relationships with gamers across North America. He has over a decade of experience developing strategic partnerships for some of Canada's top organizations, including MLSE and most recently Canucks Sports and Entertainment, where he was the head of partnerships for Esports and Gaming. He has built partnerships with over 150 of North America's top brands, for 12 properties, across 10 sports and gaming leagues.


Jackson Warren


Jackson is a pioneering figure in the digital currency and Blockchain space. He brought the world its first physical bitcoin brokerage and its first Bitcoin ATM in 2013. He founded and ran one of Canada's early digital currency exchanges and in recent years served as CEO of Xapcash Technologies Inc., Founder and Director of Neptune Dash (DASH), and as Chief Operating Officer of BTL Group Ltd. He is an experienced founder, mentor, and product developer with a keen eye for detail. He used to play Counterstrike on a Pentium Il at 640 480 in the year 2000.

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