Exploiting the Guiana Shield for Multi Million Ounce Gold Deposits

Gargantuan and Epeius Gold Projects Positioned for Discovery in Guyana

Tajiri Resources Profile


Tajiri Resources Highlights:

  • 3 Projects: 2 in Guyana and one in Burkina Faso with Major Discovery Potential
  • Guyana has long history (up to 140yrs) of artisanal gold production to identify exploration potential
  • 2 out of 3 recent peer discoveries in Guyana proximal to Tajiri property
  • Management has discovery record of ~20Moz gold in Guyana, West Africa and Australia        
  • Management has invested ~$2.4M in Tajiri since 2016
  • Maiden RC Drill Program at Reo Gold Project, Burkina Faso returned 11m @ 8.6g/t Au including 3m @ 30.9g/t Au
  • Completed 18,650m of auger drilling in 1,530 holes at the K4-K5 prospect, a potentially significant prospect within the Reo Project which is located on the Dassa Sud Permit
  • Pending formal confirmation of renewal of the Dassa Sud Permit the company has paused further substantive exploration activities.

1.  Gargantuan Project Guyana: Potential giant gold deposit

  • Artisanal footprint 4 -10 times larger than those associated with other Guiana Shield gold deposits in the 1 –10 Million ounce range. Artisanal footprint only equalled by that of the 45 Moz Las Cristinas/Brisas deposit in Venezuela.
  • 6km of potential strike
  • Borders Goldsource on both sides of trend where recent discoveries have been made

2. Epeius Project – Guyana: Troy Resources drilling on property border

  • Good potential to define satellite deposits within trucking distance of Troy’s mill where current mine life is ~2-3 years
  • Drill ready targets bordering significant drill intercepts by Troy resources
    • 600m from Troy’s new Ohio Creek discovery with a maiden inferred resource estimate of 2.2 Mt @ 1.9g/t and numerous high grade intercepts e.g. [email protected]/t, 16m@ 10.0g/g/t; 9m @ 40.5g/t; 5m@ 13.0g/t
  • Recently assayed 6m@10g/t incl. 3m @ 19.6g/t within 80m of the property boundary.

Epeius: 3 mineralized corridors hosting deposits

  • 7.5 km immediately on strike from Ohio Creek and an additional 10 km of more distal strike of the Tallman Corridor
  • 10 km of strike of the Gem Creek Corridor which shows near continuous geochemical anomalism over 20 km of strike

Potential to discover ounces next to an operating mine

3.  Reo Project –  Burkina:  1,100 km2 of prime real estate situated between the Mana and Karma mines of merging Semafo and Endeavour.   USD8 Million past expenditure; two potentially large targets targets near ready for resource definition drilling.


Maiden Drill Program at the Morley Prospect, Reo Gold Project, Burkina Faso confirmed model, opens potential to Expand Morley Prospect


  • 1,130 km2 project covering a 50km strike of Burkina greenstone belt
  • Located at the confluence of the Hounde, Poura and Boromo belts which host a collective endowment in excess of 40 million ounces and multiple world class gold mines.
  • Two advanced targets requiring minimal additional work before commencement of resource definition drilling.
  • Morley prospect- targeting a high grade resource, with many similarities to Rox Gold’s Yaromoko Mine. 
    • Initial definition drilling to follow up on numerous previous shallow drill intercepts 32m@ 17.5g/t;  10m@ 9.6g/t; 5m@ 16.7g/t, 8m@ 9.4g/t, before testing potential at depth.
  • K4-K5 prospect – targeting 1-3 Moz of open pit resources from multiple potential ore bodies defined by a combination of wide spaced drilling (25 x 400m) and IP. 
    • Drilling at K4-K5 has returned numerous potentially economic shallow drill intersections over an area of  4 x 5km e.g.   18m@  2.5g/t; 4m@ 16.2g/t; 12m@ 5.0g/t; 12m@ 4.1g/t;  4m@ 12.2g/t; 36m@ 1.3g/t
  • K4-K5 also exhibits several deeper much high chargebility targets 200-250m below drilled mineralisation which may be indicative of high grade Sambrado style shoots at depth.  These targets have not been drill tested except for one diamond hole which just grazed the chargebility target and returned 2m@ 16.8g/t     

Garguantuan: District with the Largest Area of Artisanal Workings on the Guiana Shield

  • Gargantuan Source is defined over a strike length of 9 kilometres
  • Tajiri controls 40-50% of the interpreted Gargantuan Strike - 4 to 6.5 km
  • Artisanal workings associated with Garguantuan are an order of magnitude larger than workings related to other known 1+ Moz gold deposits
  • Equaled in area by those of the 45 Moz  Las Cristinas + Brisas gold deposit (below)
  • area covered by the workings in the two districts is similar at 3,200 ha
  • Tajiri owns approximately ~50% strike of the Gargantuan Source area

Gargantuan lies directly north  and south of Goldsource’s property boundary  and on trend of drill defined  north-south striking mineralisation
Goldsource Mines Inc. has identified a north-south striking chargeability and resistivity anomaly co-incident with the Gargantuan Source

Goldsource has demonstrated impressive drill results along a strike length of approximately 2KM

  • 69m @ 6.5g/t from surface,
  • 80m @ 2.0g/t from surface, 
  • 57m @ 2.6g/t from surface,
  • 50m @ 2.9g/t from surface,
  • 10.5m @ 9.9g/t from 81m,
  • 4m @ 25.2g/t from 258m

Tajiri controls the trend directly north and south of Goldsource’s property boundaries where drilling has been successful.
The Gargantuan Source is well defined by the upstream/uphill limits of alluvial, colluvial and lateritic gold workings and appears contiguous with every creek flowing from it or over it and almost every slope downhill from it having been worked at some point since the 1880s.

Epeius-Kaburi Gold Project
Epeius Gold Project Highlighted in Light Blue – Mineralized Corridors are Pink – Green is Troy Resources

Epeius Gold Project is located 6 km north of the Karouni Gold Mine operated by ASX listed Troy Resources Limited (ASX:TRY) and 600m from Troy’s new Ohio Creek discovery.  

  • The Epeius Project is also contiguous with Tajiri’s wholly owned Kaburi Property  (dark blue) where drilling in 2013 returned 23m @ 2.7g/t and 8m @ 6.5g/t
  • The Epeius Project covers a 17km of strike of the greenstone belt (referred to as the “Tallman Corridor” by Troy)
  • Ohio Creek Deposit with a maiden inferred resource estimate of 2.2 Mt @ 1.9g/t and where trial mining is about to commence.
  • The Tallman Corridor is associated with extensive alluvial artisanal workings and anomalous stream sediment geochemistry along the entire 17 kilometres of strike encompassed by the Epeius Project.
  • The Epeius Project also contains several targets for immediate drilling which consist of immediate on-strike extensions from: 
    • primary artisanal workings
    • soil geochemical anomalies
    • and several shallow economic drill intercepts generated by Troy at the boundary of the Project including:
      • Ten metres along strike from 3m @ 11.2g/t from 91m and 6m @ 4.1g/t from 25m at Ohio Creek South
      • Eighty and forty metres along strike from 3m @ 19.6g/t and 16m @ 1.1 g/t at Goldstar (Figure 9)
      • 660m from 11m @ 5.1g/t & 20m @ 3.7g/t from 73m at Ohio Creek
      • 200m from the secondlargest artisanal pit developed on primary mineralisation in the district.

Troy has scheduled drilling in 2021 in multiple areas along strike bordering the Epeius and Kaburi properties.

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