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  • Only pharmaceutical company to have clinical studies for smoked marijuana
  • Received the response letter for a Type C meeting with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for PPP002, its dronabinol AdVersa™ mucoadhesive product READ MORE
  • Announced Health Canada's Green Light for the Cannabis vs. Fentanyl Trial READ MORE
  • Announced FDA Orphan Drug Designation for PPP001 in Treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • PPP001 Closer to Commercial Manufacturing with the Issuance of a Drug Establishment License to Ford’s Pharmacy READ MORE
  • Announces PPP002 Program Update Following Type B Meeting with U.S. FDA READ MORE
  • One Step Closer to the Commercialization of Cannabis Oil-Based Retail Products
  • Health Canada Reclassifies Tetra Bio-Pharma’s Inhalation Device Making it Eligible for Reimbursement READ MORE
  • Tetra Successfully Completes Phase 1 Study With Vaporized Version of PPP001 Read More


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Dr Guy Chamberland, Chief Scientific Officer and Regulatory Affairs

  • Professor of herbal medicine and clinical research at the École d’Enseignement Supérieur de Naturopathie du Québec.
  • 22 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and natural product industries includes successful development of intellectual property for several botanical drug products


  • A Physician’s decision to prescribe a new drug or even a natural health product has to be based on Evidence-Based Medicine > A legal, ethical requirement
  • Currently, no body of evidence exists to not support the prescription or recommendation of medical marijuana in any medical condition, including terminal cancer
  • Pharmaceutical product development plan would provide the data necessary for physicians to prescribe or recommend our products


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