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Message: Auguries - October 5, 2012

Auguries - October 5, 2012
Cass And The Beanstalk
Kevin Michael Grace

Gold was up (at press time) $13.60 (+0.8%) for the week to $1,793.20, and silver was up
.31 (+0.9%) to $35.02. According to the Associated Press, “The price of gold is at a nine-month high after the head of the European Central Bank suggested that its bond-buying program could benefit Spain.”

Oh, boo groan hiss. Does Mario “Batman” Draghi ever “suggest” anything? And what on earth does his doomed plan to draw and quarter Spain in order to save the “irreversible” Euro have to do with the price of tea in China—or the price of gold?

According to the byline, the “AP Business Writer” credited with the deathless insight above is called “Sandy Shore.” What, was “Sandy Beach” taken, then? Perhaps there is something else at work here.

GalleyCat reported February 17, “Forbes has joined a group of 30 clients using Narrative Science software to write computer-generated stories. Here’s more about the program…‘Narrative Science has developed a technology solution that creates rich narrative content from data. Narratives are seamlessly created from structured data sources and can be fully customized to fit a customer’s voice, style and tone.’”

Read more about gold prices here.

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