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True North Gems Inc. has provided a construction and development update for the company's Aappaluttoq ruby mine in southwest Greenland. Since the last update was issued by the Company on March 18, the following has taken place on-site:

-- Extension of the approx. 2.4km work-trail from the mine camp to the site of the future processing facility is now over 90% complete. LNS- Greenland (LNSG) estimate approximately 300m of drill-and-blast operations will be required to enable vehicular access to the upper lake area; -- The majority of the camp modules have now been installed (please see updated photos). This includes the four accommodation blocks, the mine offices, hospital and recreation facilities. Construction crew are currently working on the final installation of the main building with its kitchens and dining area. Installation of the sub-floor insulation, general plumbing and wiring throughout the camp is approximately 80% complete; -- Authorization from the Greenlandic Authorities has been granted allowing the Company to commence lowering the level of the upper lake the required 10m. This is an important phase; once complete, it will further expose the ore body and also the access route to the mine operations area; -- Currently the site is experiencing the beginning of spring enabling LNSG to resume sea-borne resupply of the site and ensure the project construction stays on-track; -- 23 Greenlandic staff are currently working at Aappaluttoq utilizing the tented construction camp; with the completion of the mine accommodation units and kitchens the number of construction workers will increase;

"I am pleased with the way teams from both LNS and True North Gems Greenland have worked together to keep the project moving forward despite a difficult winter here," stated Bent Olsvig Jensen, Managing Director of True North Gems Greenland A/S. "We have managed to keep the construction at Aappaluttoq progressing in a logical and safe manner, and are looking forward to the completion of the camp in the coming weeks."

Progress reports will continue to be issued as individual construction milestones are met; these will usually be accompanied by new photographs and/or videos from the mine site which can be viewed in the "Projects" section under the "Greenland Ruby" tab on the company's website: www.truenorthgems.com.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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