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Other than a geologist, i.e., Dave Webb, who might suggest some internet sources, The Northern Miner has information that may be helpful. To access some pages you must subscribe. Subscriptions start at $9.95 (plus taxes) per month. So . . . for a month or longer you can download and print the information.

Before you print a document, I suggest you copy and paste the text into a word processor, i.e., wordpad or MS word, and then size the text etc., and then preview the document in the print preview window. Try the links below, they might be free to use.

Geology 101

Mining Dictionary

Tool Box

Mining Explained is in book form and the price is about $30.00.

Some Universities and Colleges, i.e., University of British Columbia, Ottawa, Queen's may be offering online courses. The problem is you may be required to attend the school for a week or so, however, in some cases an exemption might be granted if you are taking the course only for general or personal interest and you are not planning to enter the profession.

I noticed awhile ago a news article about the Haileybury School of Mining, which is a part of Northern College. It is offering an online course. This is a link to the Haileybury School of Mining

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