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Message: u308 information and outlook

I have bought and sold DML for years and yesterday sold 10K shares after it hit bottom and was recovering..so those were the share I bought at $1.37 ..so made good money..I believe that the U3O8 industry is reeling from fear and the possibility of the Japanese disaster further melting down and becoming a total Chernobyl type catastrophe..

Won't happen..

Wrong type of reactor..

I will be looking at buying other Explorers and producers when the big bang drives the U3O8 market into the ground..

Fear for me is a great buying opportunity..

I hold other U3O8 companies and will use the profits from the DML sale to further enhance my nuclear portfolio.

As a power source it is clean..and USSR and CHINA will drive the demand and the US as well as other country's..

Safety is the big design issue now with power supply's and core cooling as well as containment vessel redesign..


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