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Message: Still Holding

Still Holding

posted on Jun 11, 2008 04:14AM
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RE: slip slid
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I continue to hold a position in VQS, and am reluctant to "panic" and sell in this latest pullback for a variety of reasons, the most significant listed below:

1. Responses to my emails to the co. from Dave have been quite encouraging. As I believe someone posted earlier, the last time I contacted the co. he stated that it was quite hectic around the office with tender orders and inquiries into the company's technology. This was also substantiated by comments that Howard Sutton last made on bnn.

2. Speaking of Howard Sutton...TERA Capital never sold a share into the last run up. With an average cost in the low-mid teens and VQS being their largest holding, not a share was sold by them even though they could've taken a "bit off the table" claiming approximately a 300% profit. There's no doubt that TERA is privy to more information than we are, and are choosing to continue to hold their position for valid reasons.

3. "THE CONTRACT"...It is undoubtedly trying my patience as well, waiting for confirmation of the previously announced contract. Again, in an email from Dave, he stated that it became more involved than they originally had thought, and once the "final architecture" was completed, the client would then want it tested to ensure that in fact, the system as devised was going to meet their requirements. Then the deal would be signed off. Working with governments, as the co. and others have alluded to can be an excrutiatingly drawn out process, but he felt confident that the deal was going to get done...though also stated that with governments, you never know until the contract is actually signed.

Where's the stock price going over the short term? Who knows, and I'm not really sure I care too much as I believe in the long term viability of the company and its technology. Over time, more contracts will be signed, revenue increased and soon profitability will be realized, and this growth will become reflected in the share price.

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