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Message: AGM June 15th

I attended the meeting and met with Greg & Fred. Beside today's press release the story is not bad. They have no debt with about $2 million in the bank. Monthly burn rate of $15,000. No full time employees at this time but perhaps 1 to 2 fulltimers soon ( 4 - 6mths)

There main focus is strictly rare earth. scandium, yttrium, and lanthanides. I asked if Lithium was a consideration but Fred said no. Fred had some good results from Lithium 1 and is well conected, he actually sounded pretty convincing about his contacts and properties being considered. Wet's wait and see.

When the time comes to spend some $$ they'll probably raise capital through equity deals (flow throughs, private placement even shares with warrants.) so don't expect much pop from VVI anytime soon. This is a long hold say 2 - 5 years before you see any move. Most directors and officers have options wich are currently out of the money so don't worry about the $0.07 share price, the rats wont flee until they get as much crumbs as possible.

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