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Victory Square Technologies Profile

Victory Square Technologies Inc. | CSE - Canadian Securities Exchange


Why Victory Square?

  • Builds, acquires and invests in promising start-ups, then provides the senior leadership and resources needed for fast-track growth. 
  • Record Net Income of $8.89M and EPS $0.12 cents per share in Q3. $13.6M and EPS of $0.18 cents for the 9 months ended Sept 2020
  • The result: rapid scale-up and monetization, with a solid record of public and private exits.
  • Sweet spot is the cutting-edge tech shaping the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Boasts a portfolio of 20 global companies using:
    • Artificial Intelligence 
    • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality 
    • Blockchain 
    • Fintech
    • Health-tech
    • Gaming

To disrupt sectors as diverse as financial technology, insurance, health and gaming.



  •  More than 20 portfolio companies in hot sectors including 
    • Health Tech, 
    • Insurance Tech, 
    • Sports Betting, 
    • Mobile Gaming, 
    • AI, 
    • AR/VR, 
    • SaaS
  • Acquired FansUnite (FANS:CSE) in 2016 for $2M in stock, raised more than $25M over a three-year period, took public in May 2020, acquired McBookie and Askott. Now the leading online gaming company in Canada. Trades @ $185M market cap
  • Massive success with Victory Square Health (VSH): Acquired SafeTest, a Brazilian company which developed two COVID testing methods. 
  • Recently completed an oversubscribed brokered financing for $6.1M 
  • Access to a $10M convertible note personally issued by the CEO


Two companies going public:

  • V2 Games/GameOn (mobile gaming)
    • V2G is acquiring GameOn in an all-stock transaction for $3.8M. The combined deal is valued at $11.1M. GameOn, Founded in 2018, GameOn is the leader in providing consumers, broadcasters, sportsbooks and partners with interactive, social experiences around sports, TV and live events. Their mobile and TV apps with free prediction games empower sports and entertainment distributors with the world’s simplest and most accessible gamification platform.
  • Immersive Tech (AR/VR)
    • Immersive Tech: Builds VR immersive experiences for hotels and large corporations, with clients including Capital One, Bayer and BioMerieux, Snickers, Intel, Capital One, FDA, Scotiabank and Kalahari Resorts.
    • Featured in Forbes, Immersive Recently launched  a premiere new location-based entertainment (LBE) virtual-reality attractions division named Uncontained to capitalize on the growing demand for COVID-19-safe attractions. Uncontained will be the world's first free-roam interactive VR franchise attraction, built for a COVID-19 world, within shipping containers. The experience will allow for up to six players to roam freely within the container while interacting inside a digital environment as a team while making decisions that help guide and define the story.
  • Launching “Discreet Care” telehealth platform with a focus on clinical issues for men/women that do not feel comfortable making an app with a doctor. For example, ED issues, prescriptions for Viagra, Cialis, STDs, hair loss etc. The telehealth clinic has a network of healthcare professionals in 50 states. Patients can expect next-day delivery.
  • Acquisition of Hydreight: A U.S. certified e-script and telemedicine provider, allowing Hydreight to offer a wide array of health and medical services in all 50 states. A completely compliant turnkey business model for various health professionals to offer fully licensed medical, health and wellness services through an on-demand and on-site platform; services include IV drip, Botox, COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and other medical and medispa treatments