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First nine months of 2022 revenue is $5.3 million, which is a 459% percent increase for the same period 2021

Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp. Management
Jay hutton

Jay Hutton

Co-Founder / CEO, President & Director

Mr. Hutton is both the visionary leader of this new company and at the same time brings day-to-day balance to the team, fostering quick-to-market client opportunities with focused, disciplined attention on the challenges inherent in their execution. He draws on his many years of experience as a seasoned software executive with a career spanning more than 25 years. Mr. Hutton began his career at Gandalf Technologies, an Ottawa-based pioneer of data communications technology, in 1988. He later served as Country Manager (Canada) of Ascend Communications during its rapid growth, public offering and ultimate sale to Lucent Technologies in 1999. He then spent the next 10 years as President and CEO of a privately financed, private company that ultimately went public. Prior to starting VSBLTY, he managed the introduction of electronic payment options to New York City’s 13,000 taxicabs that also functioned as in-vehicle media outlets for local news and weather.


Tim Huckaby

Co-Founder / CTO

Mr. Huckaby was responsible for managing the initial development of VSBLTY’s two distinct products – Data Vision and DataCaptor. He continues to oversee ongoing product refinement and innovations for use of the technology. Tim is a 25-year veteran of Microsoft, engineering know-how primarily through his work as founder of Interknowlogy, a 16-year-old software development company responsible for delivering innovation to many Fortune 100 companies across many industries. It's his technology that drives John King’s “Magic Wall” on election nights for CNN. He has been called a “Pioneer of the Smart Client Revolution” by the news media and has been recognized many times for the highest-rated technical presentations and keynotes for Microsoft and many other technology conferences around the world.


Linda Rosanio

Co-Founder / COO

Ms. Rosanio serves as Chief Operating Officer of VSBLTY. She began her career in the 70s as a Media Director responsible for her ad agency’s planning and buying of all forms of media, from radio and television to billboards and point-of-sale advertising. Her transition into Client Services gave her the foundation for the start of her own agency in 1985. She grew her own company over the next 30 years to 230 people with 100m in sales. It was Ms. Rosanio's company that served as the incubator for FloorGraphics. Her client service and operational knowledge is deep and wide, and includes an in-depth knowledge of the CPG, retail and casino client mentality. Her food and beverage team members were avid students of shopper marketing and her agency served as a roster agency for Coca-Cola, developing and executing national point-of-sale promotions. She brings her combined knowledge of media, client service and operations to help drive the continued success of VSBLTY.


Fred Potok

Co-Founder / Chief Sales Officer

Fred is Co-Founder of VSBLTY and brings 20 years of CPG and retail experience as well as his many long-term relationships to his role as the head of global sales for VSBLTY. Fred founded FloorGraphics, a privately-held in-store advertising company in Princeton, NJ where he was Chairman, CEO and President. Fred was responsible for inventing and conceiving the “floor decal” as an advertising vehicle that redefined point-of-purchase advertising on a global level. Fred grew the firm from $1M in 1997 to $70M in 2001. FloorGraphics ranked #11 in Forbes as the fastest growing privately held company in 2003 and #39 on the Inc. magazine 500 list of entrepreneurial firms.


Jan Talamo

Co-Founder / CCO

Jan Talamo is VSBLTY’s Chief Creative Officer and Head of Brand Strategies. Jan has spent 30 years in the marketing business building campaigns and executing brand growth ideas for clients in both the CPG and Casino/Gaming industries. Jan has served as Chief Creative Officer and Partner for three companies over his career and is most noted for his quick assessment and creative integration of digital technology as it has rapidly and continually changed the client engagement and the point-of-sale landscape. Jan is a compelling presenter and oversees the development of all client and prospective client communications, including the imagining and creation of the extensions of their brand campaigns onto the various VSBLTY digital screen platforms.

Matt alecock 08032020

Matthew Alecock

Director of Product Development

An executive with more than 15 years of related experience in product development and advertising software technology, Matthew’s long-term responsibility is to drive VSBLTY’s critical product decisions and enhance the strategies to maintain our competitive advantages. Matthew has held critical customer-facing, subject matter expert positions with some of the world’s leading technology firms. Prior to joining VSBLTY, Matthew was Director of Product Development for TruClear Global, Inc., an iOT startup where he architected edge content——serving and monitoring data and analytics platforms for retail, digital out-of-home advertising, smart cities, and hospitality industries. He previously held product management and leadership positions with global technology giants Apple, Inc., Google, Inc., and Scribd, Inc. At Apple, he was an Evangelist and member of the product team where he collaborated with brands, agencies, and technology partners on advertising products for the mobile operating system, iOS, and ad serving platform, iAd. At Google, he was an Ad Technology subject matter expert who worked on behalf of policy and engineering to evaluate, test, and advise 3rd-party ad technology companies on integrating their products with Google’s bidding, ad serving products, and owned and operated properties. At Scribd, Matthew led monetization, including advertising operations, data partnerships, and ad tech engineering. Prior to graduation from the University of California, Irvine, Matthew was a software developer working on web applications, video encoding, and data fraud detection algorithms.

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