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posted on Jul 15, 2009 11:56AM

Stockwatch is the the site I think most people use. They have house positions, and for a minimum 5 dollar a month subscription you get a summary of all daily trades, trades by date, and a bunch of other goodies (under trade workstation), intraday charts (that are actually only a few minutes delay if you keep hitting refresh) and also real time quotes for 2 cents each.

There's also a site I came across the other day where you can get free real time quotes. You have to sign up, which doesn't seem like a big deal. I used it a bit and it seemed a bit difficult but maybe I wasn't using it right. I had to hit the refresh button everytime and go back to the stock ticker to renew the real time quote.

For level two market depth. No one gives that without a hefty subscription fee of $100/month or so (for tsx and tsx.v anyway).



Free real time site:


(I'm just passing time here so I can avoid looking at our present shareprice - which I haven't done yet. hmm now what can I do, maybe a rousing game of solitaire!)

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