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Geothermal energy is an environmentally friendly, renewable power source for the Generation of sustainable electrical power

Message: shares of GWP that have been acquired in less than 1 month, Total; 57.70 %

shares of GWP that have been acquired in less than 1 month, Total; 57.70 %

posted on Feb 03, 2009 05:01AM

Have they given GWP away? .. or is it about to rock…

Rule Family Trust, 14.55 %

Amalgamated - 17.47%

Birmingham - 25.68 %

Major holdings of GWP have been acquired in less than 1 month, a of Total; 57.70%


Rule Family Trust, 14.55 %

The Rule Family Trust has acquired control and direction over warrants to purchase 14,814,814 common shares of Western GeoPower Corp. It now has control and direction over a total of 19,190,411 common shares (representing 8.21 per cent of Western GeoPower's outstanding common shares) and warrants to purchase a further 2,518,078 shares at 45 cents and 14,814,814 shares at 18 cents. If such warrants were exercised, the Rule Family Trust would have control and direction over 14.55 per cent of the outstanding shares of Western GeoPower

Jan. 26, 2009

Western GeoPower Secures Additional US$11 Million Secured Loan Facility

company has agreed to issue 43,495,543 warrants of the company, each warrant being exercisable for a period of 24 months at a price per warrant of CDN$0.14.

Feb 03, 09

Amalgamated - 17.47%

Amalgamated International Holdings - 40,810,358 common shares - 17.47%

Amalgamated International will have ownership of or control over 40,810,358 common shares of the Issuer representing 17.47% of the Issuer’s currently outstanding common shares.


Birmingham - 25.68 %

Birmingham - control over 60 million common shares - 25.68 %

Birmingham Ltd. has acquired 30 million units of Western GeoPower Corp. at a price of 25 cents per unit, with each unit comprising one common share of Western and one common share purchase warrant.



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