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Message: Smoke it!!

No problem, Hey You.  Speaking of "Smoke", I made a reply to a recent post by "Nic" on another message board dealing with LAC.

Nic posted a link to an article that questioned the whole "Oversupply" premise of Morgan Stanley.  Here is the link he posted and my response to his post:


Nic had commented:  "I mean I've said before anyone who has been paying attention can see that every forecast for the past 10-15 years has over stated the supply and understated the demand so I'm not surprised."

My reply:

Nic, you stated very succinctly exactly what has been happening in the Financial News reporting of the Lithium Market since at least February of 2018. Again, with Morgan Stanley owning over 1 Million shares of LAC it suggests to even the most naïve and perfunctory reader of the lithium mining market news that some very questionable market manipulation by one of the "Big Boys" has been afoot since, or even before, February of 2018..... well, DUH? What a surprise... NOT!!!

Good analysis, Nic. You are on target. Unfortunately those potential investors in LAC or any other lithium mining stock with only a shallow once over investigation effort into the Lithium mining market sector will have been completely duped by the successful Morgan Stanley style ( because their were others.... co-conspirators or just Peter Piper style non thinking/non questioning followers?) misdirection and misinformation efforts. The question that must come to mind in the minds of those who have followed this story in a more investigative fashion is: "How many millions of dollars has Morgan Stanley profited with their misinformation gambit regarding the faux Over Supply pontification of Morgan Stanley at the expense of existing owners of LAC?" Things happen for a reason and it doesn't make sense otherwise for Morgan Stanley to be one of the biggest corporate owners of LAC stock on the one hand and to claim that the lithium market is falling secondary to an "Oversupply" of lithium on the other hand. Where there is smoke there is fire and Morgan Stanley and its cohorts have blown a ton of Smoke at the lithium market for quite a while now.

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