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Wildcat Exploration Limited is a publicly traded company actively exploring in Canada for precious and base metals.


BREAKING: Kontrol Establishes Lower Detection Limit for Commercialization of BioCloud

Kontrol BioCloud a Safe Space Technology™

  • Provides an update on lower detection limits and commercialization
  • “We are pleased to continue to advance towards production of BioCloud units in November,” says Paul Ghezzi, CEO Kontrol. “The lower detection limit is an important benchmark to provide potential customers with the operating sensitivity of BioCloud.”
  • As part of its commercialization of the BioCloud technology, Kontrol has currently established a lower detection limit of 50 SARs-COV-2 virus particles
  • This represents a sufficient sensitivity to the SARS COV-2 virus for commercialization

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Wildcat Exploration Ltd Photo Gallery
Dsc 0006
Oct 29th Jeep Tour
Dsc 0014
Gold Showing Area 4
Dsc 0010
Channel Cut
Dsc 0022
Gold Showing Area 1
Dsc 0024
Gold Showing Area 2
Dsc 0030
Gold Showing Area 3
Dsc 0025 jeep entrance
Main Entrance to the Jeep Property
Dsc 0026 jeep ceek at entrance
Creek crosses the road
Dsc 0024 jeep at jeep
Jeep Mine Road
Dsc 0010 jeep timbers
Old Mine Timbers
Dsc 0011 jeep steel
Steel Pieces in the Trees
Dsc 0012 jeep cover
Jeep Mine Shaft Closed Up
Dsc 0013 jeep cut
Cut Area
Dsc 0014 jeep rocks in cut
Close-up of Rocks in Cut Area
Dsc 0018 jeep se of mine
Stripped Rock SE of Jeep Mine
Dsc 0022 jeep further se exposed rock
Exposed rock along road SE of Mine