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Message: Will this be the week

Week of March 17 came & went. A NR was posted Mar 25 but it was pretty "fluffy".

Link: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/080325/20080325005593.html?.v=2

CORRECTING and REPLACING Wits Basin Signs Iron Ore Amendment With Production Incentive for One Million Tonnes
Tuesday March 25, 8:46 am ET

Now here we are in April and a10K is in the rumour mill as upcoming before April 15th. Wait & see.

On to othermatters:

I am not part of SKing "hooray chorus" but it seems to me that although he really most often acts as a "salesman" versus a CEO, he is trying in his own radical way to increase shareholders assets. Remember, he also is a shareholder.
Can a CEO be less of a salesmen in an exploration company - probably not.

SDB - there are many that really appreciate the DD & sharing of the info that you dig up. See unless one has access to insiders info (few people) then info from you is extremely valuable.

WITS mgnt: take a hint & increase your transparency by several folds. It is one way of gaining our respect. Clock & dagger methods belong to spy agencies not a PUBLIC company. And in any case why would you continue to be so secretive on WITM topics that affect all our financial welll being? Would it really be detrimental to negotiations if you released updates regarding, for example, that the de-watering @ BH is substantially lower than last reported in Nov? See, then people like me would be able to connect the info that SuSayre posted on RB - 20921 - re the old documents by Fred Jones dated Jn 15/39 and be able to see that (un-reported) progress is taking place!

Last point: So SKing, maybe you are going to London "to make us all rich". Nice thought but a president's message commenting on that would (if believed) surely raise the SP - no?

Wits MUST become more transparent.

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