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Message: My subjective editorial blog on WITM

Please, I am NOT a basher. But with the passage of time, cynacism has crept in which has overcome to a large extent my previous optimism. At best, I now am on "hold" - what else can one do?

In hindsight (yes, I admit all of this is 20-20) therefore, now, I'm standing on pretty solid ground by stating that some individuals that are part of Wits management pool of this company, are good salesmen - maybe even very good salesmen. I do not include Dr Clyde in this salesmen group. But as often happen when "salesmen" are let loose to strut their stuff, unfounded promises of Blue sky, millions to be made, we'll be rich etc are often voiced but delivery is very difficult to get accomplished.

On WITM website under Investors/Presentations & Media there is a link: http://www.witsbasin.com/mp3/StuTayl...

where Vance was interviewed in Sept 06 by Stu Taylor - note that the shareprice then was in $0.33 range. In the interview (BH discussion starts @ approx 26 mins in) & regarding the permits Vance stated that mining permitting was in place, water treatment facility with water discharge permits in place etc.

Yes, some negative events have impacted the de-watering of BH (broken pump, substantial winter melt runoff last year (this year?) etc. But remember that back in the 1870's, the mine had pumps running to keep water out. This was old technology equipment & yet BH was a producing mine down to 750 ft.

Now in May 08, some 32 mths later, & with the benefit of modern pump technology, engineers etc, how come BH last reported @ 410 ft de-watering level? What are these people, who afterall work for us the shareholders, been doing? Such a wonderful lost opportunity that has got overlooked by our leaders by their concentration on really Blue Sky stuff - read EK.

Rant over.

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