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Message: Unbelievable LOST opportunities

Unbelievable LOST opportunities

posted on Jun 22, 2009 10:36AM

So it's time once again to swallow hard & admit that "the Universe is NOT unfolding as it should" for Wits.

A new NR this morning that said NOTHING! So why did mgnt bother with more fluff?

Anyway, judge for yourself. Here link:

China Gold, LLC provided the Company initial project financing for its projects in China in the amount of $9.8 million. China Gold has continued to be a strong supporter and strategic partner to Wits Basin in its endeavors in China and globally, including through subsequent investments in the Company. Wits Basin also recently announced its completion of an additional round of project investing in China Global Mining Resources by its joint venture partner London Mining Plc.

“We are very pleased with the positive steps the Company has taken in these volatile economic times,” stated Wits Basin CEO Stephen D. King. “The total capital recently deployed by London Mining in our China Global Mining Resources Joint Venture of $45 million along with other strategic partners' investments of over $15 million creates a benchmark of value by which to view our company.”

Additional initiatives are now underway with various assets the Company holds and we plan to make additional market updates on these in the near term.

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