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XZERES Acquires First Three Micro-Generation Utility Customers -- Minimum of $1.1Million in Combined Contract Value

XZERES Corp Management
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Frank Greco


Frank Greco joined us as our Chief Executive Officer and a member of our Board of Directors on August 25, 2010. Mr. Greco will be responsible for all aspects of XZERES Wind Corp.'s business and his initial focus will be on domestic and global sales growth, product portfolio expansion and optimization of products and channels. We first hired Mr. Greco July 1, 2010, to serve as our executive vice president of business development. Previously, from April 2004 to March 2010, Mr. Greco was Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Southwest Windpower Inc., a manufacturer of small wind turbines competitive with our smaller product, 2.5kW wind turbine system. As CEO of Southwest Windpower, Mr. Greco oversaw all aspects of the business, including operations, material planning, marketing and sales, plant engineering and human resources. It is Mr. Greco’s general industry experience and his experience while serving as CEO of Southwest Windpower, Inc., including his participation its launch of two new product platforms, its establishment of European operations and a joint venture in China, and its establishment of domestic and international patents and trademarks, that led us to conclude that Mr. Greco should be our CEO and a director.

David N. Baker


David N. Baker joined our Board of Directors as its Chairman on March 26, 2010 and is responsible for working with our Board and management on various strategic initiatives. Mr. Baker has extensive experience in financing start-up companies. He has led, as an investment principal, originating, structuring and investing in reverse merger, self registration and other non-traditional or alternative public transactions for companies in the asset recovery, consumer products, solar integration and technology, gaming, broadcast media, e-commerce, information services, video content, mobile hardware, video game, Internet media, information technology, automotive and biotechnology sectors. In addition, his career has included positions as principal and owner in two hedge funds, other investment management capacities, technology and healthcare merchant banking, proprietary trading and securities brokerage.

Since 2007, Mr. Baker has also been employed as the Managing Member of Cascade Summit, LLC, a private advisory firm focused upon advising small and micro-capitalization public and private companies regarding capital strategy, business strategy and restructurings, with an emphasis on alternative going public transactions. Mr. Baker is also the CEO of Coin Mercantile, Inc., a private company engaged in the retail and wholesale global trade of precious metal modern world coins, which he co-founded in 2009. Mr. Baker is also a non-managing principal of Core Fund Management, L.P., which is the general partner of Core Fund, L.P. a special situations, non-correlated, hedge fund that focuses on making investments in early stage, micro and small capitalization companies, across all sectors. Mr. Baker founded Core Fund, L.P. and Core Fund Management, L.P. in 2003 and was active in its management until 2007, when he stepped aside in favor of Mr. Steven Shum. Mr. Baker earned a B.A. in 1989 from the University of Colorado and received a J.D. in 1992 from Golden Gate University, with a focus on securities.

Steven Shum


Steven Shum is our CFO, corporate secretary and a member of our Board of Directors. Mr. Shum first joined us October 21, 2008. From October 2008 through March 26, 2010, Mr. Shum was our sole director, at which time Mr. David Baker joined our board. From October 21, 2008, through April 12, 2010, Mr. Shum was our sole officer, at which time he resigned as our president in favor of Mr. S. Clayton Wood.

Since 2004 Mr. Shum has been a Managing Principal of Core Fund Management, L.P. and the Fund Manager of Core Fund, L.P. Mr. Shum's tenure includes 15 years in the financial services industry where he has an extensive background in equity research, macroeconomics, and management. Prior to joining Core Fund, he spent four years as founder and Executive Vice President of Revere Data, which created a patented equity research application. In addition to Revere Data, from 1999 to 2003, Mr. Shum was the senior investment analyst and co-portfolio manager with DNB Capital Management. Mr. Shum earned a BS in both Finance and General Management from Portland State University, awarded in 1992.

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