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Message: Eric Jackson Launches “Yahoo! Plan B” Investor Community On AGORACOM

Eric Jackson Launches “Yahoo! Plan B” Investor Community On AGORACOM

posted on Jul 21, 2008 03:45AM

TORONTO/NAPLES, July 21, 2008 – Eric Jackson, Founder of Ironfire Capital and activist investor, is pleased to announce the launch of a Yahoo! shareholder community for the purposes of amalgamating and communicating with all current and future pledged Yahoo! shareholders in one location at http://www.agoracom.com/ir/YHOO . This “Investor Controlled Community” will provide for high-quality discussion and exchange of ideas, while eliminating irrelevant and disruptive noise.


With less than 2 weeks left until the August 1st Yahoo! Annual Meeting, shareholders will be voting on the future of Yahoo! Important discussion will include choosing between the slate of investors put forth by both Yahoo! and Carl Icahn, or a hybrid. In addition, are shareholders best served by a full acquisition by Microsoft, or a sale of search only?

Commenting on the launch of this community, Eric Jackson stated “When I first created a "Plan B" for Yahoo!, I asked for fellow shareholders to offer their input and help edit our "Plan B" and, through "pledging" of shares to our group, providing us with the ability to speak directly to Yahoo! and the media with one collective voice. I never imagined we would pull together a group with 150 members and a collective 3.2mm Yahoo! shares. We've done that, but I believe we're still scratching the surface of what Activism 2.0 could truly accomplish, in terms of making our voices heard.”

Jackson went on to say “I would like there to be more of a collective dialog between those within our group and those outside it. I believe the community is smarter than any one person. However, it is difficult to build a community through blog comments, while the amount of spam and noise on Yahoo! Finance message boards make them impractical to exchange ideas. Through AGORACOM, I believe we now have the platform to build a great community of concerned shareholders. This new Yahoo! HUB community will help us all be smarter and exchange ideas that can help shape the future of Yahoo! I encourage you to use it.”

The community is being hosted on AGORACOM, a second generation financial discussion community that has eliminated epidemic levels of spam, profanity and misinformation via a unique reputation system that provides highly-ranked members with the ability to enforce the community’s 6 Rules of Use by deleting offending posts and terminating offending members.

About Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson is President of Ironfire Capital, an activist investment firm in Naples, FL. And Jackson Leadership Systems, Inc., a leadership, strategy, and governance consulting firm. He received a Ph.D. in the Management Department at Columbia University Graduate School of Business in New York, with a specialization in Strategic Management.

About Ironfire Capital

Ironfire Capital is an equity long biased and event-driven activist investment firm.

It was founded by Eric Jackson in 2007 after successful activist campaigns targeting Yahoo! and Motorola. Ironfire combines the power of activist investing, with proprietary analytics and utilizes Internet-based social networking tools to gather information and amplify the impact of current focus campaigns.


AGORACOM (http://www.Agoracom.com) is a second generation financial community that has eliminated epidemic levels of spam and noise plaguing first generation communities. A unique reputation system provides the highest ranking members of each stock community with the ability to enforce community rules by deleting offending posts and terminating offending members.

AGORACOM has focused on the small-cap sector and is the pioneer of monitored online communities to public companies. Recognized by Google for outstanding content relevance with a PageRank of 7, AGORACOM serves over 10,000,000 pages of small-cap and micro-cap information to approximately 140,000 investors per month. AGORACOM plans to leverage its success in the small-cap space to build an equally effective large-cap stock community.



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