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Yappn is a groundbreaking, real-time multilingual technology that specializes in converting the true way people communicate and interact in everyday life.

Focused on both syntax and context in language, Yappn helps brands and individuals break down communication barriers among today’s global communities. Thus empowering both consumers and companies to be social, conduct commerce, provide support and communicate freely on multiple digital platforms without a language barrier, this is Yappn’s goal, to provide the best communication resource for everyone to accurately converse on a global scale.

Yappn has achieved this technology breakthrough by creating a proprietary set of algorithms specifically designed to translate the short-burst, colloquial language that consumers use when interacting online – i.e. the true way people interact in everyday life.

These algorithms are customized for companies’ and/or communities specific terms and then integrated into their digital platforms (online and mobile branded assets) to seamlessly translate social, customer service and e-commerce content into nearly 70 languages in real-time.

Yappn has four major business verticals: Marketing, E-Commerce, Customer Support, and Fotoyapp.




Yappn recently announced a first-to-market e-commerce technology that is customized and easily integrates into existing e-commerce platforms, giving business owners the opportunity to expand sales into multilingual communities.

This e-commerce technology allows companies the ability to reach new markets and increase revenue streams not formerly possible with current e-commerce stores, providing immediate financial growth opportunities for brands.

In addition, Yappn’s goal is to become a key player in helping businesses from emerging markets expand their sales into new global regions to create new revenue growth.


Yappn offers a real-time customer support chat platform, providing the opportunity to speak with the brands’ consumer bases without a language barrier.

Online chat and customer service capabilities greatly benefit from Yappn’s technology by providing customers the help they need, regardless of their spoken language.

In fact, consumers who were provided online customer service through Yappn’s translation technology reported a higher net promoter score than those who interacted with native speakers.

This service is offered in two versions, one, being a light version to help support e-commerce sales and another more commercial version for large call centers through Yappn’s sister company, Ortsbo.


Fotoyapp builds on the idea that "a picture is worth a thousand words" by revolutionizing social engagement allowing images and content to be linked to each other and shared instantly, in almost any language substantiating the thought that complex ideas can be conveyed through visualization. Fotoyapp creates the ability to share beyond the image integrating content from web, portable and mobile devices, allowing users to instantly connect photos and images to almost any social content and in almost any language.

Yappn is in discussions with a number of Los Angeles and New York talent and entertainment agencies to look at opportunities with key Influencers across entertainment, sports and social networking to be part of the Fotoyapp program. These influencers have large global social audiences and Fotoyapp will provide the opportunity for them to engage these audiences through their existing Twitter, Facebook and Instagram networks. Fotoyapp also embeds into web, online and mobile platforms allowing the application to be integrated into marketing and eCommerce programs.

Fotoyapp allows users to share socially empowered images through any platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Yappn Chat and many other social media platforms around the world such as Ren Ren and Qzone), email, device or app and rewards the viewer with a completely rich experience not found anywhere else, creating People Powered Pics.

Interested parties who wish to qualify to be among the first to use Fotoyapp can sign up at www.fotoyapp.com

Per company news releases, Fotoyapp is slated for a Summer 2014 launch.
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