Developing the Albany Graphite Deposit

Hydrothermal Graphite Deposit with the Potential to Produce Natural, High-Purity Graphite


BREAKING: American Creek Announces Additional $1,000,000 Strategic Financing with Eric Sprott

  • Intends to expand the non-brokered private placement in order to include an additional $1,000,000 investment by Eric Sprott
  • Darren Blaney, President & CEO of American Creek stated: “We welcome Mr. Sprott’s further support and additional significant contribution. We greatly appreciate not only his endorsement but also his enthusiasm for the future potential of American Creek’s vision and projects.

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Message: Review of the last 13 months

Hello shareholders and friends,

It has been 13 months since the yellow team has won and taken charge of this company.  If we go back to before May 11th 2018, the company financials were not in a good position, we had almost no team working for us and very little on the science front going on.  In the last 13 months we have achieved the following:

Put together a strong team to move the company forward.  All members are passionate, knowledgeable and commited to the potential ZEN has.

Raised $4.4M dollars.

Taken out a 110 ton bulk sample with a 6% grade.

We have improved the metallurgical process by increasing the recovery from 75% to 90% with less energy and less reagent consumption.  Without a working metallurgical program, we really had nothing.  This was the first pillar of turning dirt to dollars we concentrated on.

We have been working with multiple research partners on how to convert graphite to graphene, this is the second pillar of dirt to dollars and we have made very significant headway with the in-license process.  We continue to optimize this and other methods of converting graphite to graphene and graphene oxide.

The 3rd pillar of dirt to dollars is finding a market for us to sell our graphene into.  This is where research partnerships with universities come in.  These partnerships do 2 things for us.  They help functionalize the graphene (ie make the graphene work in cement, batteries, aluminum etc) and they introduce us to potential end users who are interested in graphene R&D and how they can integrate graphene in their products.  

The company still has work to do on these pillars to open the path from dirt to dollars but we feel we have made enough advances in the last 13 months to move forward on the Environmental Assessment.  The company is significantly more ahead compared to when we took over and we will continue to move this forward as quickly as we can.

Best regards,




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