Company has developed a state-of-the-art blockchain protocol

Will provide foundation for the next generation of encrypted and distributed networks

Message: ZeUPay Completing Infrastructure to Operate as a Global Digital Bank

Oslo – TheNewswire - March 10, 2022 ZeU Technologies Inc. (ZEU: CSE) (CNSX:ZEU.CN) (OTC:ZEUCF) is please to disclose that ZeUPay has signed an agency agreement with NIUM UAB, an EU/Singapore-based payment card issuer and a key player in the digital banking industry.

ZeUPay is in the process of completing its infrastructure to be able to operate as a global digital bank. ZeUPay’s suppliers provide necessity in licensing, systems, and technology scalable for global growth. The aforementioned agreement is intended to support ZeUPay’s new digital banking & payment platform.

ZeUPay is a mobile-based digital bank that includes international payment debit cards and is accessible to use in over 30 million locations worldwide. ZeUPay expects to launch later in 2022 in the European Union eurozone countries and other parts of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). ZeUPay will later roll out in other upcoming markets.

ZeUPay's management is currently preparing a financing needed to redeploy its service later this year. The details of the financing will be disclosed in the coming weeks. The offering will be available to institutions and accredited investors. It will close prior to ZeUPay filing a Plan of Arrangement by the end of summer 2022.


“Ronald Aldor Eriksen”

Ronald Aldor Eriksen


About ZeUPay

We accelerate the transition to individual financial inclusion and build effective cross-border banking for SMEs and other small businesses through innovation. Powered by digital technology and strategic partnerships, we will deliver day-to-day financial services in a competitive, safe and sustainable way. Learn more about ZeUPay at

ZeUPay is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZeU Technologies.

About ZeU

ZeU is a forward-thinking Canadian technology company that has developed a state-of-the-art blockchain protocol, providing the foundation for the next-generation of encrypted and distributed networks. Thanks to its high level of sophistication, ZeU’s technology maximizes transparency, security and scalability as well as big data management. ZeU’s strategy is to monetize blockchain transactions in diverse sectors such as payment, gaming, data, and healthcare.

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