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Zenith's Lead BET Inhibitor ZEN-3694 is Currently Being Evaluated in a Phase 2 Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial


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Message: Zenith share issue

"This is to finance the next leg of the Phase I trial. This would be the breast cancer leg of the trial."

Good to hear this Tada. We don't want Gilead to get too far ahead with their GS-5829 BET inhibitor breast cancer trial

On a side note the Zenith website also listed immuno-oncology as a program of interest. An Endpoints News article yesterday highlighted how crowded this field is for immuno-oncology/checkpoint therapies, which presents a big challenge for finding cancer patients for these studies. 

It will be interesting to hear Zenith at the AGM discuss their plans going forward with immuno-oncology. And if they don't talk about it, someone should ask the question if they attend the AGM!


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