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Zenith's BET Inhibitor ZEN-3694 is Currently Being Evaluated in Combo with Enzalutamide in Phase 2 Metastatic Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial and with Pfizer’s PARPi, talazoparib, in Phase 1b/2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Trial


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Message: Trial

"Bear did you see they have extended the Prostate trial for those that benefited from the drug as of Nov 11th till 2022"

Yes, the original Phase 2 mCRPC trial is nearing completion and is expected to be officially done this month. A new continuation trial will allow for those experiencing benefit with ZEN-3694 + enzalutamide for mCRPC to continue for another 3 years in a separate trial entitled "Continuation Protocol for ZEN003694 in Patients Experiencing Clinical Benefit While Enrolled in a ZEN003694 Protocol." Here is the link to the trial: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04145375

I first posted about this new trial three weeks ago. In addition to the mCRPC trial extension, sound like they have a Phase 3 mCRPC in around the corner. They had a meeting with the FDA and have received very positive FDA feedback for design of a Phase 2b/3 registration enabling study to compare enzalutamide single agent vs. ZEN-3694+enzalutamide combo for mCRPC.....most likely blinded and randomized. The current Phase 2 lacks an enzalutamide alone standard of care group, which is required to prove superiority.

You should also review my summary of the AGM in case you have missed other recent Zenith updates. 



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