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Message: Thoughts on ZCC

Fair critique KBC. Thanks for the link to "Planning Falicy".

The planning fallacy involves estimates of task completion times more optimistic than those encountered in similar projects in the past. The planning fallacy was first proposed by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky in 1979.[6][7] In 2003, Lovallo and Kahneman proposed an expanded definition as the tendency to underestimate the time, costs, and risks of future actions and at the same time overestimate the benefits of the same actions. According to this definition, the planning fallacy results in not only time overruns, but also cost overruns and benefit shortfalls.[8]


I thought you were going to refer me to a book like... The Analytical Mind: Level Up Your Researching and ...Book by Albert Rutherford

Enhance your logic, reason, judgment, and wisdom. Increase your ability to create concise and reasoned arguments using data and evidence, to get a genuine conclusion. The Analytical Mind aims to raise the level of your mental performance by focusing on the fundamentals of how to use your mind effectively. ... 


in order to sharpen the logic in my points of view.


I'm not letting Don off the hook. He iis in charge. He could get help in order to properly manage these companies. He is being paid like a big boy biotech expert these days and he doesn't even seem to have a clue of the realities of trials.


That being said I remain long and hopeful that either a little rabbit will be pulled out of a hat in order to get back control of the IP or that a big $80 million to $120 million USD  rabbit will jump out to fund BoM2. 


Apologies for mixing RVX and ZEN in this post.

Cheers. GLTA



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