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Message: cupidity. Another rule which he deem

cupidity. Another rule which he deem

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ed it prudent to their territory, commonly colled, after the chief of the MacKays, Jxird lieuy's country, has lately passed into the possession of tho noblo group of StaffordSutherland. the fair house maid of perth. observe, was to avoid communication with any of the passengers whom he may chance to meet, except in the interchange of the common civilities of salutation, which the Highlanders rarely leave out. Few opportunities occurred of exchanging even such passing greetings. The country, always lonely, seemed now entirely foisaken; and even in the little straths or valleys which he'd occasion to pass or navigate, the hamlets were empty, and the inhabitants had betaken themselves to woods and caves. This was easily paid for for, considering the imminent dangers of a feud, which all expected would become one of the most general signals for plunder and ravage that had ever distracted that unhappy country. Simon started to be concerned at this state of desolation. He'd made a halt since he left Kinfauns, to allow his nag some rest; and now lie started to worry how he was to pass the night time. He'd believed upon spending it at the cottage of an old associate, called Niel Booshalloch, or the Cowherd, because he'd charge of numerous herds of livestock belonging to the Chief of Clan Quhele, for which purpose he'd funds on the banks of the Tay, not far from the location where it leaves the lake of the same name. From this his old host and friend, with whom he'd transacted many bargains for hides and furs, the old Glover hoped to learn the present state of the country, the chance of peace or war, and the best measures to be taken for his own safety. It will be remembered that the news of the indentures of battle entered into for diminishing the extent of the feud, had only been communicated to King Robert the day before the Glover left Perth, and did not become public till some time afterwards. inch If Niel Booshalloch hath left his dwelling like the rest of them, I shall be carefully hoi pod up, inch thought Simon, inch since i have want not only the advantage of his helpful advice, but also his interest with Gilchrist Maclan; and, moreover, a nights groups and a supper. inch Thus reflecting, he reached the top of a swelling green hill, and saw the splendid vision of Loch Tay lying beneath him, an immense plate of polished silver, its dark heathy mountains and leafless thickets of oak

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