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Admiralty Holding Company Management

Herbert C. Leeming


Previously a co-founder of Admiralty Corporation (“Admiralty”), a Georgia corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of Ruby Mining Company, a public corporation quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol RUBM.OB. Admiralty was formed to develop proprietary, non-ferrous metal detection technology to be incorporated into a specialized, remote-sensing detection device capable of locating and differentiating among precious metals buried in coral or under the ocean floor, to be used in historic shipwreck and recovery operations. Mr. Leeming also previously served as Admiralty’s Chairman of the Board and as its Chief Executive Officer and President. Prior to 1988, Mr. Leeming was active in oil and gas exploration and production, energy management, real estate acquisition and financing. He has been instrumental in bringing together the requisite parties for business and financial transactions and has also served as a liaison between corporate management and the legal, accounting, financial, governmental and academic communities. Email: [email protected]

James W. Larsen

Vice President of Technology

Previously a director, Chief Technical Officer, and Senior Vice President of Research and Development of Admiralty, and was associated with Admiralty since its inception. He is a Senior Research Scientist with the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Underwater Research Programs Office where he has been employed since January 1981. Mr. Larsen holds a Master of Science in Physics, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. His research experience covers a wide range of subjects, including projects involving salt-water environments and advanced remote sensing applications. He is the holder of several patents concerning unique sensors and systems. Email: [email protected]

Bobby Goldman

Vice President of Business Development

Previously a broker concentrating in investment real estate with Sonnenblick-Goldman Company (SGC) which is known as the industry's leading independent real estate investment banking firm. He has over thirty years experience in handling multimillion dollar investment real estate transactions with both domestic and foreign partners. Mr. Goldman graduated from the University of Miami with B.A. in Psychology, minor in Sociology and has completed many non-matriculating courses in the fields of finance, real estate and nutrition. He has previously consulted with developmental phase businesses. Mr. Goldman currently maintains a real estate broker license in New York State and is quite active in financing and selling real estate and arranging equity investments for various types of businesses. Email: [email protected]

Robert A. Fisak

Vice President of Operations

Previously worked with Admiralty on its permitting activities and operational planning. Robert also founded and is president of a security consulting company providing business and legal support. Prior to his association with Admiralty, he served as an officer in a telecommunications company. Mr. Fisak was also employed by the Federal Government for 23 years. He held various research and operational positions in the Treasury Department and at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Prior to his Federal service, he was an Officer in the United States Army. Mr. Fisak served two tours in Vietnam and completed other assignments in the United States and Europe. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in Economics, and continued his education with postgraduate studies at George Washington University. Email: [email protected]

Michael W. Broadbear


Michael has been practicing law for over 35 years. After receiving his B. A. in Business and Economics from Vanderbilt University, he attended Vanderbilt Law School and Emory University School of law where he received his J. D. in Law. He has practiced in broad areas of law, where his specialties include corporate, administrative, financial, banking, estate planning, and criminal law. He has also served on active duty as a Captain in the U. S. Army. His service included a tour of duty in Vietnam. His other interests include history, archaeology, anthropology, and genealogy. Email: [email protected]

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