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Admiralty Holding Company Profile

Admiralty Holding Company (ADMH) is a U.S. company incorporated in the state of Colorado. Formed in the late 1980s and inserted into a public shell in 2001, we have developed patented technology and unique, highly specialized equipment for use primarily in the world’s marine environment. Our principal business is the location and recovery of valuable cargoes (containing gold and silver coins and jewelry) from historic shipwrecks, mostly those from the period between the early 1500s to the mid 1800s. We are currently finalizing development of our proprietary technology used in the marine environment known as ATLISTM. This is a one-of-a-kind remote-sensing nonferrous metal detection technology that in early December 2007 received its 4th patent. ATLISTM can detect gold, silver and other precious metals in salt-water environments and has been designed primarily for use in regions where the water is shallow (where the depth ranges from 20 feet to about 100 feet). Of the many thousands of known treasure shipwrecks lost since the early 1500s, it is estimated that at least 90% went down in shallow water locations within sight of land. Since we have proprietary rights in ATLISTM, we are in a unique position to find valuable historic shipwrecks lost in the world’s oceans over the centuries. Current models nearing completion are 1st generation units, which are “diver-manipulated.” This particular model’s electrical frequency (envision a cone-shaped Indian teepee) will penetrate rock, sand, silt, coral and wood to a distance of about 8 feet in depth. The wide bottom-end of the cone will cover an area having an 8-foot diameter and any precious metals within this cone-shape frequency can be detected by ATLISTM and rapidly analyzed by our specially configured computers and accompanying software.Our senior management team has significant experience and knowledge in the exploration of historic shipwrecks. The team is headed by Herbert C. Leeming, our President, James W. Larsen, our Vice President of Technology, Robert W. Schwab, III, our Vice President of Historical Research and Project Evaluation, Robert A. Fisak, our Vice President of Operations, Michael W. Broadbear our CFO, and Bobby Goldman our Vice President of Business Development.

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