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Message: VIDEO - $PWWR Sees Faster Path To Revenues & Profitability From $50M Pipeline Of Potential Contracts And Fuel Cell Pilots

VIDEO - $PWWR Sees Faster Path To Revenues & Profitability From $50M Pipeline Of Potential Contracts And Fuel Cell Pilots

posted on Mar 13, 2023 12:35PM

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power $PWWR $ALKFF is a clean tech energy company that provides renewable energy focused investors with a powerful 3-step business plan to capitalize on the paradigm shift towards a zero carbon economy.

1. CURRENT - Traditional Heat & Power Business: $50,000,000 + Pipeline Of Potential Contracts

  • Next 24 - 36 Months
  • $16.6M Potential Gross Revenue 
  • $7.7M Potential EBITDA 
  • For Customers In Multi-Residential Or Commercial Buildings
  • Delivers Improved Energy Efficiency Of More Than 20%
  • 33 Active Accounts - 23 Proposals
  • Located and Operating In Canada

 2. NEAR TERM: Fuel Cell Generators For Backup And Off Grid Applications In B2B

  • Revenue Opportunities For Off-Grid & Back Up Generator Market 
  • Ideal For Diesel Generator Customers Needing To Eliminate Emissions
  • Ideal Route Is B2B Partnership With Current Generator Companies
  • 10kW Fuel Stacks To Be Integrated Into Large Configurations Up To 100kW

3. LONG TERM: Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell For The Consumer Market (B2C)

Micro Heat & Power Solution To Rival Tesla Powerwall To Power People At Home

  • Targeting Customers In Residential and Small/Medium Size Power Markets
  • Significant Competitive Advantages VS Tesla Powerwall 
    • Hydrogen Constant Power VS Solar Intermittent Power
  • Significant Cost Advantages VS PEM Fuel Cells Requiring Platinum & Palladium 
    • Fewer Components Utilizing Nickel & Graphite Fuel Cells
  • In Development Right Now


  • First full Q of revenue in AFCP history: $134,616
  • Exited Q with working capital of $2.2 million and cash on hand of $3.1 million
  • Over $50M of potential projects (next 24-36 months)
  • Appointed Former CEO of Hydro One as advisor
  • Launched Jupiter 1.0 Prototype Fuel Cell System for Homes and Small Buildings
  • LOI for JV with AmmPower Corp. for Fuel Cell Generator Pilot Using Green Ammonia 


PWWR is generating decisions based on the following 2023 priorities:

  • Speed up path to greater revenue and earnings
  • Reduce Fuel Cell cash burn and match to strategic projects
  • Use Fuel Cell Pilots to generate nearer term sales opportunities
  • Source funding pathway to reducing cost of growth capital

What did Frank Carnevale, Chief Executive Officer of $PWWR have to say this?


“With the recent launch of Jupiter 1.0 fuel cell prototype, PWWR has the opportunity to greatly reduce our burn and match fuel cell business spend to strategic pilot projects. Coupled with investments in CHP business line- PWWR Flow Streams- PWWR is focused on creating an EBITDA-positive platform within next 4-6 quarters,” Timing will be based on speed and size of accretive acquisitions and deployment of capital for PWWR Flow projects. We believe that there is greater shareholder value in building out a de-risked alternate asset class platform with a leading-edge proven fuel cell technology to create the future-friendly value for shareholders.”


Want to learn more? 


Sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with Frank Carnevale, Chief Executive Officer of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp.

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