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Applied Nanotech holds an extensive patent portfolio in the area of electron emission, and believes that this significant group of patents covers all carbon nanofilms, including carbon nanotubes used for electron emission applications

Message: APNT News Featured on AGORACOM TV

APNT News Featured on AGORACOM TV

posted on Oct 08, 2008 06:17AM

Good day to you all! Congratulations on the great press release today!

We have featured the Applied Nanotech Holdings news on AGORACOM TV (www.agoracom.com).

In the small cap investment world, getting Large Cap exposure is a daunting task. AGORACOM puts you at the epicenter, where potential suitors come to get their daily Small Cap News, and find their next small cap investment.

Thank you for making the switch to AGORACOM.


George, Paul and the AGORACOM team!

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