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Message: 2015 Sustainability Report

Balancing Opportunities

Welcome to Avalon’s fourth Sustainability Report, Balancing Opportunities, a theme that clearly reflects how Avalon balances the projects within its diverse portfolio to generate the best possible opportunities to create value for our shareholders. As we continue to advance our projects, we remain committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of our business and our strategic planning.

In response to suggestions from our readers, this year’s report is formatted differently than in previous years. Readers can now navigate different areas according to their interests.

We have included a new feature entitled Stories in Sustainability to showcase examples of what Avalon has accomplished in 2015. This document highlights how sustainable initiatives are incorporated into the way the Company does business. Many in Avalon’s management team have contributed to this document to make it a truly collaborative effort.

This report is prepared within the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative, (GRI) Version G4, core level. All GRI content can be found within a comprehensive GRI Index.

This report includes a self-assessment of the Company’s 2015 fiscal year sustainability performance and sets targets for 2016 against the Mining Association of Canada’s Toward Sustainable Mining indicators. It also tracks both short and long term sustainability goals set by Avalon management.

The Avalon Sustainability Team

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