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Message: Avalon on Panel at Wall Street Green Summit

Avalon on Panel at Wall Street Green Summit

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. is a proud sponsor of the upcoming 2021 Wall Street Green Summit, which will be held virtually April 26-30. President and CEO, Don Bubar will be a panellist on Thursday, April 29 10:00am to 3:00pm during the session “Impact Investing & ESG for Raw Material Companies”. He will speaking at 1:20pm for 20 minutes on Sustainable Mining.

Mr. Bubar will be discussing new opportunities for sustainable production of critical minerals for clean technology. This will include new extraction technologies that are being developed that will allow for elements of interest to be economically recovered from historic mine wastes, while remediating the long-term environmental liability.

Major CleanTech manufacturers are now seeking sustainable sources of critical minerals for their products, that can be tracked as conflict-free and produced in both environmentally and socially responsible ways. This includes creating new economic development opportunities for Indigenous communities. Closed mine sites can now offer such opportunities that meet these criteria, while new critical minerals operations can be developed at a modest scale to reduce impacts, while using renewable energy sources to keep GHG emissions low.  

Those interested in listening to the panel discussion on April 29, can register online for a $US20 fee: Impact Investing & ESG for Raw Material Companies | Day 4 | 2021 WSGS | 1BusinessWorld

The 20th Anniversary Wall Street Green Summit

Peter Fusaro created the Wall Street Green Summit in 2002, launching an enduring, comprehensive event featuring expert speakers and molding a community in the world of sustainable finance. The Summit is known for its consistently fresh, updated information, innovative ideas, deep content, and effective networking. Over the past two decades over 6,000 people have attended. The 2021 Virtual Wall Street Green Summit XX is week-long webinar event and your one stop shop to come up to speed on the latest developments in Green Innovation & Finance.


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