Establishing Ontario's First Regional Lithium Battery Materials Refinery In Thunder Bay

Creating A Supply Chain to Serve the Needs of Battery & Ceramic Manufacturers

Message: Video: Avalon Advanced Materials: The Biggest Lithium Petalite Resource Not Under Chinese Control

Avalon owns and controls the only large scale Petalite Resource in the world that is not under Chinese control. They have plans to exploit it and become one of the leading suppliers, targeting battery manufacturers and the glass ceramics market; 2 equally large, multi-billion dollar markets.

How are they going to do this?

Petalite is an important ore of lithium. Lithium is also tantamount in today's modern world as demand from the clean energy, aerospace, energy efficiency, modern electronics medical applications and ceramics industries continue to evolve.

Demand is increasing. Avalon is going to exploit this demand.

Luckily Avalon has large quantities and they are targeting not one, but 2 markets who's demand for the product is altering the business in a profound way.

Avalon has been developing the Separation Rapids project for over 20 years, and it now looks as though technology and demand have caught up, providing Avalon with the opportunity to dedploy their asset in 2 vastly different markets.

Avalon has been developing critical mineral properties since the mid 1990’s, when President & CEO, Don Bubar, first acquired the Separation Rapids Lithium Project for its industrial mineral potential for glass-ceramics. The project in northwestern Ontario hosts the world’s largest, undeveloped known resource of the rare lithium mineral petalite and with it being outside of Chinese control, the asset is being viewed very favorably for development.

The first stage was Avalon's announcement that they are creating a regional lithium battery materials supply chain to serve the needs of future electric vehicle and battery manufacturers in Ontario and elsewhere.

If you build it they will come, and they have. Multi Billion Dollar International corporations are engaging Avalon to secure future supply, establishing deals today for tomorrow's supply.

The first to step up and secure future supply was LG Energy Solution, a leading global manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The agreement helps advance the Company's vision to develop a sustainable and secure domestic lithium supply chain. Entering into a commercial relationship with a proven manufacturing leader like LGES will help enable that vision. The global lithium-ion battery market size is estimated at USD 48.19 billion in 2023, up from an estimated 36Billion in 2020. The growth in the market points to increasing demand.

The 2nd influential development is the firm commitment by a leading non Chinese ceramics manufacturer to purchase petalite concentrates produced at the Company's Separation Rapids Lithium Project. There is now considerable interest from other major glass ceramic manufacturers in Europe and Asia.

The global shortage of petalite supply after China took control of sources in Zimbabwe only favors Avalon's reasoning for development. They will control a product that is increasing in demand for years to come, in a safe operational jurisdiction.

Sit down and take a moment to listen to this fantastic interview with Don Bubar, President and CEO of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. as he walks investors through the 2 agreements to supply Petalite and battery-grade lithium from the refinery they are going to construct, establishing a regional lithium battery materials supply chain in the process.

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