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Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc Profile

Bion applies modern cleantech principles to agribusiness to create remarkable opportunities in this multi-trillion dollar sector. Bion’s patented and proven technology substantially reduces the environmental impacts of livestock and enables the permitting and development of environmentally-sustainable large scale livestock facilities. Large scale enables production of efficient renewable energy from the waste stream and integration with synergistic production processes, such as biofuels and food processing, to greatly improve the operational and resource efficiencies and profitability of all the participants.

Bion is a Clean Technology company that:

  • Dramatically reduces air and water pollution
  • Improves resource efficiencies and converts ‘waste’ into renewable energy
  • Substantially increases operational efficiencies and economics


Bion’s patented and proven technology platform combines these attributes to create a unique and compelling opportunity where cleantech intersects with today’s agribusiness.

Bion’s technology platform largely eliminates the environmental impacts of livestock facilities, such as dairies and cattle feedlots, and significantly reduces the acreage required per animal. The technology enables a substantial increase in scale, resulting in tremendous economic advantages and increased profitability through improved resource and operational efficiencies and production of renewable energy. 

Bion’s technology creates the opportunity to develop sustainable integrated agriculture operations, comprised of large scale livestock operations balanced with highly-efficient biofuel production and/or other synergistic operations, in locations that maximize market opportunities. These state-of-the-art facilities incorporate onsite production and use of high value co-products – including renewable energy produced from the livestock wastes and the distiller grains from the ethanol process – and produce significant advantages in environmental, energy and economic efficiency.  

Bion’s technology platform is the only solution that will support permits to develop thenew large scale livestock facilities that are needed to properly exploit this opportunity. Livestock production has historically been limited in location, scale and efficiency by the sheer volume and environmental impacts of its waste. Recent tightening of EPA and state regulations has made it all but impossible to permit a new large scale livestock facility or expand an existing one, effectively halting the industry’s growth.

Bion’s technology platform enables compliance withcurrent and future environmental regulations and allows environmentally sustainable large scale livestock facilities to be developed on substantially reduced acreage and in strategic locations that maximize economic and market advantages. 

Ethanol was reaffirmed as a significant part of America’s fuel supply by the Energy Bill passed in December 2007. In Bion’s closed-loop livestock/ethanol model, a corn ethanol plant serves as a feed mill for the livestock herd, providing its distiller grain co-product to supplement the herd’s ration. The ethanol plant is an onsite consumer (at burner-tip values) of the renewable energygenerated from the herd. Bion’s technology differs substantially from the processes of other companies seeking to take advantage of this synergy. Integration with Bion’s technology platform significantly increases the efficiency of corn ethanol production, improving the generally-accepted net energy balance of 1.3 to 1 to approximately 3 to 1.

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