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Cline Mining Corp Profile

Cline Mining Corporation is a Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX – “CMK”) listed company in the business of acquiring, exploring and developing mine mineral resource properties to production in Canada, United States and overseas.

The Company is a growth-oriented mine finder, developer and operator with an experienced management team and two substantial strategical international corporate partners and shareholders both of which are represented on the Cline Board of Directors.

The strategical partners are Mitsui Matsushima, a Japanese coal miner and conglomerate and ThyssenKrupp a German and international steel company and manufacturer.

Cline is developing its Lossan and Lodgepole metallurgical coal mine projects in British Columbia, Canada – C.I. 43 101 compliant Reports and feasibility studies completed; extensive diamond drilling program in progress at its Cline Lake gold property Ontario, Canada; additional iron ore mineral exploration on extensions and step-out areas at its Bekisopa, Madagascar iron ore properties; development of its New Elk metallurgical and thermal coal mine property in Colorado, U.S.A.; Continued exploration of uranium mineralization in Morondava Basin, Madagascar through its interest in UMC Energy PLC, U.K.


New Elk Coal Mine Project, United States
Cline has acquired the New Elk coal processing plant, plant site, buildings, dumps and conveyors systems and rail rights of way at the New Elk coal mine site in southern Colorado. Cline also has the rights to acquire the related New Elk in-place coal resources and related assets, in process. The New Elk coal is high quality metallurgical and thermal coal. Cline Mining (Behr Dolbear) has completed an independent Canadian National Instrument 43 101 Report on the New Elk coal resources which calculates 315,000,000 tonnes of coal in-place. More.

Lossan and Lodgepole Metallurgical Coal Projects, Canada

Cline owns the Canadian Lossan metallurgical coal mine project in northeastern British Columbia and the Lodgepole metallurgical coal mine project in southeastern British Columbia. Both Projects have received independent National Instrument 43 101 compliant Reports showing a total of 407,000,000 tonnes of coal resources in place; with independent feasibility Reports completed on both properties.

Sage Creek and Cabin Creek Metallurgical Coal Projects, Canada

Cline received the Coal Licenses to the Sage Creek metallurgical coal mine properties also in southeastern British Columbia. The Cline Independent Canadian Instrument 43 101 Report completed on Sage Creek identifies a total of 154,600,000 tonnes of in-place coal. More.


Cline Lake Gold
Cline is carrying out an extensive diamond drill program on its Cline Lake gold mine property located in the Wawa gold camp in Ontario, Canada. There are four mine shafts on the Cline Lake property, the deepest going to 1165 feet. Phase I of the drill program has been completed; Phase II is in progress. New update on progress and results published April 2008. More.


Bekisopa Iron-ore
The Company owns the Bekisopa iron-ore-deposit properties (Bekisopa East) in Madagascar. The BRGM, Madagascar government and the U.N. early data base reports original Beki-East iron deposit at between 25 per cent and 65 per cent averaging 45 per cent, resource 150 million tones, largely magnetite surface ore. Additional airborne survey in 2007 found additional step-out separate mineralized areas (Bekisopa West) which Cline followed up by ground geophysics localizing the important areas for drilling in 2008. The ground geophysics program in late 2007 was also extended to the existing Bekisopa East deposit revealing the presence of an extensive mass which is to be drilled following the wet season in Spring 2008 (reference Dr. Allan Spector Report to Cine on ground geophysics 2007 programs).


Morondava Uranium
The Company continues its extensive uranium exploration and drilling in the Morondava Basin through its 40% interest in UMC Energy PLC (LSE (UK)- AIM).

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