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Message: VIDEO – Delic Holdings $DELC $DELCF Gears Up for Psychedelic Wellness Market with Trillion Dollar Potential

VIDEO – Delic Holdings $DELC $DELCF Gears Up for Psychedelic Wellness Market with Trillion Dollar Potential

posted on Jun 14, 2021 07:00PM

Delic Corp bills itself as a marketplace for the mainstream to access psychedelic wellness.


The firm, founded in Chicago in 2018, operates in the nascent psychedelic space and creates a diverse ecosystem of opportunities by investing in talented entrepreneurs with cutting edge ideas.

Delic owns and operates an umbrella of related businesses, including trusted media and e-commerce platforms, including:

  • Reality Sandwich
  • Delic Radio
  • Delic Labs (under binding acquisition agreement), the only licensed entity by Health Canada to exclusively focus on research and development of psilocybin vaporization technology
  • MeetDelic, the premiere psychedelic wellness event
  • Ketamine Infusion Centers (under binding acquisition agreement), one of the largest ketamine clinics in the United States

Delic is backed by a team of industry and cannabis veterans and a diverse network, whose mission is to provide education, research, high-quality products, and treatment options to the masses.

The company brings 25 years of working knowledge in cannabis, finance and psychedelic research, and is led by former High Times CEO Matt Stang.


Delic has hit the news in recent months with several major acquisitions:

  • On June 8, Delic paid $3m USD to sign a definitive agreement to acquire Ketamine Infusion Centers, a limited liability corporation formed under the laws of Arizona, which owns and operates two ketamine infusion treatment clinics: one in Phoenix, Arizona, and the other in Bakersfield, California.
  • Supported by clinical trials and peer reviewed studies, ketamine infusions have emerged as a promising treatment option for chronic diseases and pain disorders.
  • The successful completion of the transaction will bring a physical retail footprint to the Delic ecosystem, where it can leverage its IP, product development and audience capture through its various leading media properties.
  • Prior to this, on May 27, Delic acquired Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures (CBDV), a federally-authorized psilocybin and cannabis research laboratory focused on extraction, analytical testing, and chemical process development for USD $7m.
  • Following closing, CBDV will change its name to "Delic Labs" and will serve as the engine for the Delic platform, conducting research and developing innovative product lines and intellectual property (IP), including psilocybin vaporization technology for future distribution across the company's physical footprint.

We sat down with Matt Stang, Delic Holdings’ CEO and Founder, to find out more...



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