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Providing leading-edge products and services to the oil and gas industry

EcoMax Energy Services Profile


EcoMax Energy Services Ltd. provides a wide range of quality products and services to the oil and gas industry, primarily in western Canada.

The Company is focused on providing it’s customers solutions that add value to their businesses by improving their economic and environmental performance with the following products and services:

  • its patented EcoMax Chemical Pump for the natural gas industry;
  • blowout preventers (BOP); and
  • valves and instrumentation.

EcoMax’s customers include oil and gas production companies, fabricators, drilling contractors and well service companies, as well as other oilfield supply and service businesses.

The Company’s offices and facilities are strategically located to be close to our customers. EcoMax’s operating divisions are located at the crentres of oil and gas production in Alberta, while our corporate and sales office in downtown Calgary neighbours the head offices of most of its energy industry cusomters.


The EcoMax Chemical Pump

The patented EcoMax Chemical Pump represents a significant change for natural gas producers, making them more efficient, increasing their revenues, lowering their operating costs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and consequently the environmental damage caused by traditional chemical injection methods.

Natural gas producers use chemical pumps to inject methanol into the wellhead to prevent hydrates from forming. Once formed, these hydrates can plug or 'freeze' wells and pipelines and significantly affect production operations and lower productivity. Moreover, traditional pumps are inefficient both economically and environmentally.

The EcoMax Pump is driven by a low differential pressure that is typically available and uses gas from the wellhead or other sources, which is then returned to the sales/flow line or other gas gathering system. This system allows operators to sell gas that would have otherwise been emitted to the atmosphere, eliminates the need for propane or fuel gas at sour gas facilities and may accumulate Kyoto Accord-related carbon credits for eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

The multiple benefits of the EcoMax Pump include zero emissions, increased production, reduced operating costs, improved safety, and low maintenance.

Blowout Preventers (BOP)

EcoMax, through its KEY B.O.P. Service division, is a leading provider of blowout preventer products and related services to the oil and gas drilling and well service industry. BOP systems are critical to safety in the oil and gas industry. BOP systems provide safety not only for rig crews and the general public but also for the rig and the wellbore.

KEY B.O.P. Service, through its facility in Leduc, Alberta, offers a wide range of products - from all types of new and remanufactured BOP systems to valves and parts. It provides three-year certification and repair for all types and sizes of BOPs.

Valve Services/Instrumentation
EcoMax is a comprehensive source for new and remanufactured valves for oilfield, power-plant and industrial applications.

Through its Central Valve facilities in Sylvan Lake and Calgary, Alberta the Company sells new and remanufactured products, repairs, rebuilds and re-certifies used valves and manages customers’ inventories of surplus and remanufactured valves.

EcoMax, through its Mountain Measurement division in Sylvan Lake sells, services, repairs and calibrates liquid and gas meters and provides field instrumentation services.

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