Message: Addendum to ASM Notes to get a link for DD-Link

Addendum to ASM Notes to get a link for DD-Link

posted on Nov 22, 2009 06:19PM

sman's ASHM Notes: 11-20-09

1. Total number of attendee this year were approximately 75, much higher than last year.


3. FRED FALK COMMENTS - A lots of accomplishment within last 14 months. So much going on! WE were specially very busy last 2 months. DIGECOR was major distraction for us to the extent it interrupted with our business opportunity and some AIRLINE business activity.
Finally we got rid of DIGECOR cloud and as of today there will be no future appeal and as per our
attorney the case with DIGECOR is completely over and final . (applause by audience )
Numerous airline deals are in the work for eVU players. Those deals dramatically will improve
our financials. We will announce those airline name shortly when we start the service.

4. in regard to financial, MARCH 2008 SEPTEMBER 2009 cash $122,116 $2,616,717, debt $1,544,008 $96,900, gross profit $1,544,008 $6,543,951, income before $1,719,067 3,355,486 tax
4. e.DIGITAL staff reduced 40 percent. Now we have more efficient work force ,focusing for near term opportunity. Our operating cost reduced from $250 ,000 to less than $ 150,000.

5. In WAEA show we had great meeting for our new eVU business. We have business deal with
NEW US BASED CARRIER ..... ( us carrier trial is in progress )

6. MEZZO sells our eVU fully loaded with contents and also customized contents as well.


8. There is one major international trial (VERY LARGE ORDER ) in progress.

9 . One major difference between eVU and DIGEPLAYER. DIGEPLAYER contents are extremely old
compare with very updated content in eVU.


11. We now make more money from content integration for all EVU airlines customers. This is ongoing revenue stream with monthly income that has been growing with much higher gross margin .
If an airline has 20 eVU and another airline 2000 eVU ,the cost of content revenue are the same.
He gave us an example; From LUFTHANSA we receive $14 ,000 revenue approximately every month !!!!!!!
The lowest content revenue from a particular airline is $5,000.

12. We are in the process of trial for RENT THE CAR or at the TERMINAL . Relationship still in place and we are very close ! . CRUISE LINE is much harder for placement.For HEALTH CARE they wanted browser internet and texting .This could be accomplished by our new eVU platform !

14. About our new eVU platform
It has wireless connectivity, texting, streaming video, content update, on board product sales
(he gave example AMERICAN AIRLINE !) high definition output to monitor/TV, enhanced GUI option
HTML, flash animation, support for other video decoders,WMV, and H.264. This will be new product
development for next generation eVU platform. We are working for OLED screen with crystal clear picture, e.READER,advanced lLCD, wireless voice and data 9he gave example like NETFLIX streaming content into the computer), 3G, 4G network.

15. We now have MUCH STRONGER and FASTER PROCESSOR - for example seeing a globe spinning in the back drop of the computer.

16. From new 19 defendant 5 of them in negotiation to settle rather to fight!

17. The tier 2 filing will be related to FLASH-R patent - REMVABLE or EMBEDDED

18. 3 elements of our law firm attention
1 straight forward patent explanation
2 large number of companies infringing on our patent portfolio
3 key legal representative approach for early landing for settlement
ROBERT respond re low ball settlement for SAMSUNG was vague but he indicate that the price of
second round of filing will be much higher than first round.

19. We want to keep our option open. WE HAVE NO DEBT !!!!!!!!!. We are approaching 18 month
in the core of 5 year process, the heart of IP monitization effort. PATENT 774 till year 2014!

20. FROM ROBERT: The key is to go after a list of companies, raise the bar on license terms,
if we approached with proper judge and proper company then we get them till MARKMAN HEARING.

21. We are going to see further license and revenues this physical year.

22. If we found a company that wants to settle with us and it has value to our engineering and technology we may choose to have partnership with them.

23. At present time we have no prior art on our patents.

24. Most likely we will announce the second LAW FIRM in view of some companies have conflict of iterest with DM.

25. In regard to eVU for car rental companies we are working for navigation device (GPS ) to support that market vision.

26. There are 5,000 eVU in the market . We have super edge over competitors because, WE DO

27. WE OWN THE LONGEST BATTERY IN THE MARKET 25 - 27 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY OUT

28. Our new eVU platform supports MPEG -1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, H.264, but our
competitor only support MPEG -1 and at the most MPEG -2 !!!!!!!!

29. Our vision is utilization of money from licensing for growing business for new eVU platform

30. IP monitization and eVU partnering arrangement (joint venture ) start to pick up.

31. ROBERT said my retirement and FRED are based on e.DIGITAL shares. ROBERT said he
own more than 5 million shares .

32. Since last year we are on track. We have NO DEBT and we are building the business.

33. Within next 6 month we will have more IP revenues, placing in MICROCAPS. We are going
to attend INVESTOR CONFERENCES to outline e.DIGITAL facts and progress. It is a targeted story
to tell for good targeted audience!

34. Regarding raising the bar. It depends who is sitting across the table, who is their legal representative! ROBERT said WOODY JAMISON is MASTER IN THIS KIND OF NEGOTIATION !!!!!!!

35. We have one PATENT for security in digital device that is still pending, the other one in the work is related to new eVU platform.

36. We put our AD in major IFE magazine quarterly.

37. They picked COLORADO in view of faster processing.

38. We are going to see a few surprises with next round of filing!!

39. If we get large settlement,there will be a good possibility for DIVIDEND DISTRIBUTION and SHARES BUYBACK.

40 . Now outside chat with PAT NUNNALY -
He again emphasize that they have very close negotiation with 5 of recent 19 infringers. He told there are more infringers that they identified beyond remaining 175 !!!!! More infringers company found on peripherals. He said you better believe it we will find a company that we will go all the way into a MARKMAN HEARING. He was very satisfied with the outcome of settlements so far

He was very upbeat! He said we will appreciate e.DIGITAL patents by next year when new APPLE
I-PHONE with many complex gadgets that will be introduced into market. That is the time we are going to appreciate e. DIGITAL patents. He did not want to elaborate further!( here i remember DONI"S comment) He was very confident re future appreciation of e.DIGITAL as a company and share price.

My own take from attending this year SHM :
I found it very different atmosphere compare to prior years with much optimism and very good foundation for future growth. The key player of management team were very firm and realistic on their goal for future success. As ROBERT said you never know you may hear very good news very shortly. I believe within next 90 to 180 days (or sooner ) we will get several blockbuster news that it will ultimately propel and surge share price drastically. Keep your shares for final celebration, it comes much shortly than you think !!! HOPE THIS SYNOPSIS WILL BE HELPFUL FOR LONG TERM SHAREHOLDERS OF e.DIGITAL
p.s. sorry for some spelling error

In regard to APPLE and my conversation with COCOMELLI he did not make any comment
as APPLE in the infringers list. He was very intrigued and was excited re I-PHONE
technology that has been capturing entire market (he pulled out couple of times his
I-PHONE and indicating to that). His comment was as the I-PHONE get loaded withmore complex technology it will be the time that e.DIGITAL technology will be
appreciated further and shine. Seems e.DIGITAL technology will glue
all those complex chip together!.
I also discussed re lower settlement figure(SAMSUNG) with him
in response he said the day of settlement with SAMSUNG news release they received
at least 3 very important telephone calls (if i remember correctly from major companies)
but he stopped there with no further explanation.
But during persentation and question & answer segment ROBERT also alluded with
possible few surprises and we are going to get more out of second round group.
My own interpretation telling me may be those top companies when they got aware
of SAMSUNG settlement, now they would like individually get license deal from


1st, wonderful to meet many Agora people and it was a huge highlight to my day. Now, on to business, and I have missed a few things for sure, or did not bother as many are already known, so here is my list:

Mtg in 4 parts:

A: corp governance

B: FF Presentation

C: RP comments

D: Q&A

Here we go:


2:00 til 2:07, and proxy vote passed

FF presentation,

digecor deal had many biz plans on hold
down economy hurt eVU sales
airline deals in the works, 1 USA a done deal, 1 in trial, total = 3, news to follow
9/30/09, debt = 96,900 and debt as of "today" zero
staff reduced by 40% since Mar-08
burn rate reduced from 250K to 150K
WAEA mtgs were successful, future customers to be announced
MEZZO still a major partner, trials in process that could result in large PO's
opened 2 additional eVU repair centers in the UK & France, re: MEZZO
eVU service contracts growing with increased product sales, and margin growing
service contracts range in monthly revs between $5K to $14K, depending on the customer and content upgrade cycle
economy down cycle hurt efforts in healthcare, cruise lines and rental car biz
DM CO 19 wanting to settle and be done with it...faster pace expected, some have already come to the table
2:32, FF done

RP, set the stage for Q&A re: legal reasons, company strategy etc...very well done I might add!!

as revs ramp up, company will consider divs to SH's or share buyback...all options are open
concerning patents re: 1st 7, zero prior art an issue...patents strong
we are still in tier 1, tier 2 will include removable or embedded infringement, and will be the bigger players
Markman not a goal for all of the 19 or future...maybe 1 or 2, but it takes 3 years or more to "get a check" patents proven strong to date re: tier 1...nobody chose to fight us to date
"price of 2nd round is round 1"
out of debt for 1st time in EDIG's history
IP efforts to be an 18 month to 5 year time frame
D: the answers

divs or share buyback being considered, and a reverse split highly unlikely
actively working on signing law firm #2 to handle DM conflict cases
5000+ eVU's now out there and growing
RP felt a PR firm was not needed, and he will be our voice to attract new investtors etc
174 ID's # still about the same from day 1...a few dropped...a few added
"raise the bar" means we will be asking for higher settlements
Here's a good one: Per RP..."I think there will be some surprises in round 2"
I don't have time for questions...just being a reporter, and I'm sure I missed may points, but these are the key one's IMO.



I think it was answered by Robert.when asked the following. If considering either the (1) infringers who have already settled or (2) infringers yet to settle, is the value of cross licensing more important(valuable) than the actual received dollar settlements (or those not yet to be received or determined) to Edig? His answer to all those present was he will not answer because that, is a LOADED question ? I interpreted my own answer from that?

After the meeting I again asked him ; Was there fine tuning required between Edig and DM concerning the ingredient of determining the settlement in regards to X-licensing VS Revenue ? His answer was Yes.

DRVEN's SHM Notes -

As a number of you might remember, I was critical of the firm on the basis that they never produced a business plan, and like some of you here, I implicitly suggested that we may need some new thinking in the executive suite.

On the other hand, I wrote the other day an optimistic report regarding the meeting-- the size of which reflected more my limited time and less the details of the discussion that took place. Among the questions I asked was the one about the size of the market concerning Edig's products. I knew, of course, that it was not very large and to some extent it was already almost saturated. What I liked about their answer was that the didn't try to soft pedal their answer. They admitted this much but they also said that there is room to grow substantially. The additional gadgets they equip the IFE with has two functions. One is to get far ahead of the competition. The other is to attract a partner that will sell the same product, or a similar product that they can tailor appropriately, to the final consumer. Their intention is not to market it themselves (see they have learned). They want to attract a large company well known in this market to do so. Clearly this market has a large potential.

I also asked about their business plan. The answer was that in the sort run they want to focus in the development of the new platform for the aforementioned purpose. In the long run they are looking forwards to find firms with innovative technology in allied fields that will provide Edig with more products and market penetration.

For this they need credibility that only comes with the dollars they have in the bank. I also talked to both FF and RP on something else. Particularly, about the possibility of approching Wall street bankers with the idea of finding a interested buyer. Their response was that they have thought about this issue and they feel that they are not ready to do so at this time. They need more cash and market penetration before they engage in such a move. I agreed.

Finally, as trivial as it might seems the repair business is very profitable. They mentioned in public and to me separetely that from only two airlines the current revenues amout to about $20,000 per month. Not counting new orders this revenue can increase to about $100,000 per month which is 67% of their monthly burning rate.

I really think that FF and RP are on the ball and the "soon" is almost upon us.

I hope that this answers some of the questions a number of posters asked.

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