BREAKING: Loop Insights Announces Reseller Partnership And First Sale With Vend, A Global POS Company Used In 25,000 Stores Across 140 Countries

  • Announced the signing of a channel reseller partnership with global cloud-based Point-of-Sale (POS) company, Vend, as well as, the first sale to a Vend client
  • Vend is the first POS built for iOS and is now used in over 25,000 stores across 140 countries
  • Vend’s fast growth and global reach creates opportunities across the world for Loop and its technology in the retail vertical

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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release


Message: e.Digital Appeals Collateral Estoppel Court Ruling

Here are the NUNCHI time lines:

  1. Webcast 3-14-11, Falk / Nunally introduced the tech in very general terms.
  2. SHM 9-1-11, Falk / Nunally did a presentation, .ppt plus a video demo and of course Q&A.
  3. Early Sun AM 7-22-12, updated website "Introducing NUNCHI"
  4. Patents issued / pending and published dates: NUNCHI Filings

    Application No. Filing Date Gazette date

    12/891,875 09-28-2010 11-13-12

    13/047,163 03-14-2011 11-20-12

    13/047,206 03-14-2011 11-6-12

    13/047,290 03-14-2011 11-13-12

    13/047,306 03-14-2011 11-13-12

    13/047,420 03-14-2011 11-20-12

    13/646,158 10-5-2012 Pending

    13/681,054 11-19-2012 Pending

    13/759,353 2-5-2013 Pending

    As you said BLR, the conclusion is, NUNCHI has been around since Nov, 2012.

    5. IPmetrics retained to market / manage NUNCHI 3-14-13.

    If there are any erros, someone please correct me!

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