BREAKING: TransCanna Receives State-Wide Operating License

  • Now owns largest known fully licensed cannabis facilities in California
  • Successfully granted a Type 11 'Distributor' license by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control for its 196,000 square foot Daly Avenue Facility
  • This long-anticipated milestone marks the completion of all state and local licenses required for the Company to begin operations at its flagship cannabis processing facility in Modesto, California


Transcanna dark

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Message: According to PACER... these are the remaining OPEN CASES

According to PACER... these are the remaining OPEN CASES in Southern District of California.

e.Digital Corporation is a plaintiff in 9 cases.

3:12-cv-02698-DMS-WVG e.Digital Corporation v. SanDisk Corporation filed 11/05/12
3:12-cv-02899-DMS-WVG e.Digital Corporation v. Woodman Labs, Inc. et al filed 12/05/12
3:12-cv-02997-DMS-WVG e.Digital Corporation v. MiTAC Digital Corporation et al filed 12/17/12
3:13-cv-00023-DMS-WVG e.Digital Corporation v. Pantech Wireless, Inc. et al filed 01/04/13
3:13-cv-00783-DMS-WVG e.Digital Corporation v. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. et al filed 04/01/13
3:13-cv-02907-H-BGS e.Digital Corporation v. Micron Consumer Products Group, Inc. filed 12/05/13
3:13-cv-02914-H-BGS e.Digital Corporation v. Mushkin, Inc. filed 12/05/13
3:13-cv-02915-H-BGS e.Digital Corporation v. Other World Computing, Inc. filed 12/05/13
3:13-cv-02944-H-BGS e.Digital Corporation v. Micron Technology, Inc. filed 12/06/13
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